What is Toysmith Direct?

  • In-market account management by Toysmith employees
  • Full assortment expansion on Faire.com
  • Toysmith B2B wholesale ordering
  • Enhanced first class customer service

I’ve never ordered directly from Toysmith, how do I do that?

We’ve got a fantastic wholesale ordering site at Toysmith.com! Just click on the button on the homepage called ‘Toysmith Online Wholesale’.

Who can show me the new products and recommend what items are best for my store?

Effective June 1 st , 2022, Toysmith account managers will be able to answer questions about our assortment. In the meantime, you can get summaries of our portfolio here and review our entire collections on Faire.com and our B2B site here.

I’ve purchased from you in the past, how can I place an order now?

Here are the ways you can order directly from Toysmith:

  1. Email / Order Form / Spreadsheet – Please send that order in to: orders@toysmith.com
  2. Wholesale Portal – You’ll be able enter your order in a fast and accurate way directly on ouronline wholesale portal! Just go to Toysmith.com and click on the button on the homepage called ‘Toysmith Online Wholesale’.
  3. Toysmith sales team members are more than happy to meet with you virtually over Zoom to support your ordering needs. Just reach out to hello@toysmith.com to schedule.