Kick off 2018 with New Ways to Play!


Are you still recovering from the post-holiday rush?  Hopefully, you’re home with your family and filled to the brim with holiday cheer and old Christmas trees recycled and holiday lights taken down and packed away.  If those lights are still up and on, you won’t find any judgement here! With the holidays over, it’s back to the grind but before that how about making time to PLAY with all those presents? What an excellent way to welcome 2018!  We think so!  Use those toys and games to encourage kids to play and stay active physically and mentally, especially during dark winter months.


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It might even inspire parents to join in and take those New Year’s resolutions seriously. Play is also a great opportunity for families to bond over common goals whether they’re for better health, a more active lifestyle or engaging the brain through witty game play.  It sure is more fun than jogging on alone on a treadmill!  The kids may be back in school but that doesn’t mean playtime stops. Play is essential in how kids learn and grow their everyday skills. It’s their job after all!

Toysmith NightZone Unleash Light Up Rocket


Get Outside, Get Moving!

Fight winter blues with fun! Winter weather isn’t always inviting to outdoor play if it doesn’t involve skis and ice skates, but any exercise will keep bodies warm and active. Exercise can also help keep Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) at bay according to a 2005 Harvard University study. So discourage the gloom of dark days and add a spark of new energy with light up sports toys like NightZone. It’ll feel good to take play outside with bright, light up activities and gear.


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Settle those football playoff jitters with a game of catch. You won’t miss catching the NightZone Bolt Light Up Football in a dark backyard. Just make sure you warm up that throwing arm. Or reach for the stars with light up rocket flying fun. Pull back to unleash rockets or launch them into the night sky with a STOMP.  See who can launch them the highest! Or illuminate your jump rope game with a light show! It’s easy to light up your play. If that’s too intense, take the family for an evening walk and use those earlier hours to catch a few stars or go moon gazing. Just be sure you’re all dressed warmly and carry a flashlight (or two) to find your way.


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Engage in Play for All Ages!


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Too cold, too wet or too icy outside? Stay cozy in the comfort of your home and have fun with family-friendly activities and explore timeless toys for a new generation (Neato). Technology-based toys and games may dominate the current play scape but play patterns rarely change and many of those “old-school” toys never go out of style. Play is a wonderful gateway to family bonding, especially with toys parents may have played with when they were kids.  You can use this time to share childhood stories with the kids and become one again, yourself. You’re never too old to be a little (or a lot) silly, especially with your kids.  What better way to build memories and enrich play for the whole family?

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What is there beyond fun? Play is also learning and growing, where kids can learn different skills, social cues, problem-solving and exercising their imagination. Take the opportunity to teach kids patience along with bettering their hand-eye coordination skills as they learn to control the Bounce-Back Paddle Ball. Encourage their creativity through imaginative storytelling with puppet toys like the Amazin’ Acrobats. Sit down for a good old-fashioned craft session and turn old socks into puppet pals! Create stories for your new characters through mini performances, teaching kids to be comfortable presenting in front of others and sharing their creations with everyone.  Add a pile of home-baked cookies and mugs of hot cocoa for a little extra sweetness. Or keep your senses sharp with brain teasers and puzzle games. Simple word search helps kids learn new words while puzzle block games are fun problem-solving exercises.


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The nostalgic design and comforting wood construction of Neato! harken back to a simpler time where toys didn’t need batteries or apps. Instead of a smartphone or tablet game, try classics like jacks, marbles, pick up sticks or dominoes. You can find all that and more in our Neato! Classic Game Set. Easy and intuitive to play, these games can still be challenging to master for young and old. From air-powered Balloon Helicopters and real metal Kazoos to Chattering Teeth and Tin Can Cars, these toys encourage the kind of creative play where whimsy is welcome.  Sharpen hand-eye coordination and test your skill with the Wooden Diabolo or the Tin Can Topple.  For parents and grandparents, these toys are like old friends and give them a chance to introduce them to their kids as new ones. It’s always Time to Play!


Image: Toysmith Neato! Wooden Diabolo Swerve PR

What New Ways to To Play will you explore in 2018?


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