Have a Magical Summer

It’s summertime and the playing’s easy! It’s that time of year for road trips, summer camp, picnics and sunshine. No school means more time for play, making sweet summer memories and practicing campfire storytelling skills.

Every season has its reasons but summertime seems to have that extra special something, especially for the young and the young at heart. Summer has a way of evoking the kind of nostalgia people write songs about. What is it about the summer that sparks magic for people? Could it be the warmer weather, summer vacation, longer days?

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Spend Time with Friends and Family

Keep it simple and take play time to the backyard for a sprinkler party and bbq. What better way to incite giggle fits and encourage kids to stay active through play? And few things taste as good as a fresh off the grill hot dog or hamburger after a day spent running through the sprinklers. Stay hydrated on those hot days with a cold lemonade or icy popsicle.

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Connect with Nature in Backyard or Backwoods

Whether it’s a camping trip at a state park or a backyard sleepover, summertime is the perfect season to explore the outdoors. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do a little bird-watching or gentle bug collecting. Going on a trail walk? Make a game of it with Outdoor Bingo and see how many you can spot. Afterwards, practice knot tying skills while the campfire burns to work up your appetite for s’mores. Circle around the campfire to tell your best spooky stories. Exploration doesn’t stop after dark, though. Pull out your Pocket Star Finder and take advantage of clear, summer skies to spot constellations and maybe even a few shooting stars. What will you wish for? Maybe more summer vacation? Don’t forget the insect repellent.

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Life’s a Beach in Summer

Few things scream summer vacation like a day at the beach (or ice cream) and it’s the place for full on fun in the sun! Comb the beach for shells and other shoreside treasures. Chase the waves as the tide rolls in and out or build a sand castle masterpiece fit for royalty. Soft, warm sand is a great arena for a variety of games. No net? No problem! Keep it casual with Bashminton or the Spring Ring. Throw the Spring Ring for catch and it even floats should a wayward toss land in the water. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

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Summer memories, a little bitter, always sweet

Like so many summer vacations, the season flies by and before you know it, you’ll be waving goodbye to summer. So take advantage of those long, warm days and don’t wait to play!

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