Making Earth Day Every Day

Toysmith Works Toward a More Green, Sustainable Future

At Toysmith we are striving to celebrate and respect our planet with meaningful, actionable goals. For us, that means assessing and evaluating how we operate our day to day business in a way that balances People, Planet and Profit. Several years ago, Toysmith made the commitment to reduce waste and manufacture eco-conscious products. This kickstarted a concerted effort to reduce our use of plastic in all sectors of the business. From product packaging, warehouse shipping materials to the actual toys and novelties.

Snapshot of some of the Toysmith Green Team during a monthly video meeting.

Since January 2020 through our plastics initiative, Toysmith has reduced 44,615lbs and counting of single use plastic from landfills. To help continue our reduction of plastics among other sustainability issues is our Green Team formed last year, made of Toysmith volunteers working to together to lead the company towards a greener, more sustainable future. The Toysmith Green Team has helped identify and facilitate initiatives that reduce our use of plastics and reduce waste overall from all segments of our business. Between the amount of waste diverted from landfills (36.1 tons) and our plastics reduction initiative – Toysmith has eliminated 116,815 pounds of waste over the last year.

Toysmith Cleans (Ware)House

Old Toysmith pallet repurposed into a chicken brooder.

Every warehouse works to increase operations efficiencies and it takes a smart, hardworking team to make it happen. The Toysmith warehouse team has also been working towards eliminating waste from donating old wood pallets to reducing the use of plastic packing materials. Instead of throwing broken or mid-sized pallets away, Toysmith is recycling and donating them to locals for art, garden or building projects. Check out some of the repurposed projects below:

Other pallets transformed into raised gardens beds just in time for Spring planting

Pallet planters.

Pallet planters.

We are reviewing our recycling program to increase the materials we can recycle and the warehouse is shifting to recycled plastic pillow packs for shipments. Despite the current challenges or because of them, we’ve been able to further evaluate opportunities within the office space as most of our staff are still working from home. Toysmith is moving to recycled copy paper although overall, the company is transitioning towards a paper-less environment with document retention and increasing our ability to provide invoicing electronically rather than print-by-mail.

Toysmith Products Get the Green Treatment


Toysmith® Forest Stewardship Council® license code.

Every product and category refresh will undergo a full packaging review with an eye towards reducing or eliminating plastics in packaging and even in the products. For example, our product development department is taking a close look at our product offerings, creating opportunities to reduce waste or use sustainable, biodegradable materials. This includes eliminating excessive plastic packaging, remaking plastic products to wood, and adding more items made from Forest Stewardship Council® certified wood.

Paint a Butterfly Hideaway™.

You might be familiar with our kids gardening line, Beetle & Bee™ Garden.  All Beetle & Bee products that contain wood are made with wood that is certified in accordance to the Forest Stewardship Council standards. Each item must meet rigorous standards in order to bear the mark and we are proud to be a part of this important program. We are excited to add more FSC® items in the near future. Just look for their logo to find qualified products.

Build & Paint a Birdie B&B™.

Kids Garden Hand Tools™.


Toysmith Green Goals Going Forward

It’s an ongoing assessment of where to trim waste and minimize our consumption footprint. Toysmith is also developing initiatives that have direct positive effects on our local community. This includes growing a company garden with proceeds to benefit local food banks, working with our corporate neighbors to remove trash around our home base. We are excited to share these with you as we continue to seek ways to reduce waste and make positive contributions towards a greener future.

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