Full STE4M Ahead!

Spring into FUN with 4M, a leader of innovative and educational products for kids of all ages just in time for Earth Day, April 21st, 2017! 4M has been making STEM learning accessible and FUN for 24 years with their award-winning science and craft kits. As a long-time partner, we at Toysmith are thrilled to deepen that relationship with an exciting upcoming event!

This year, 4M and Toysmith will make our debut at the largest Earth Day event in the USA, Earth Day Texas! Happening April 21st-23rd, 2017 at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. We’re excited to be demoing 4M kits with local area businesses and offering special promotions for booth visitors. The booth will feature award-winning kits from Green Science, Green Creativity, and Eco-Engineering for hands-on FUN. From tiny homes to technological marvels, Earth Day Texas features noted speakers, renewable energy, and local and national organizations like NASA and the National Park Service. Their focus of environmental education and awareness goes hand in hand with the evolution of 4M’s commitment to creating a clean, bright future for children around the world. An all encompassing event that is family-friendly with plenty of kid-centric activities. Find out more about Earth Day Texas here.


Create solutions, develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Green Creativity takes crafty to the next level using recyclable items like paper and transforming them into wearable art.


Encourage kids to view the world through the lens of curiosity and wonder. The Green Science series encourage hands-on exploration and observation of the natural world.


Aspire to explore new possibilities and overcome challenges for a better world. Green Science educates and expands kids’ understanding of their environment from weather observation to exploring renewable energy like solar power. 


4M is FUN:

Find joy and excitement through hands-on experience and everyday surprises. Build silly, whimsical robots that walk, roll and waddle while learning about mechanics with the Eco-Engineering series.

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