Welcome Summer with Free Form Fun!

School’s out for Summer! So replace those regimented days for unstructured, open-ended play. It’s all about Free Form Fun! No video games, no problem! Get ‘em unplugged and engaged with good old-fashioned play time.  Jump, run, skip, throw or catch. You get the idea! Exercise their bodies and imaginations with tried and true play patterns that never go out of style.


Having fun shouldn’t be complicated or hard but it can be creative and imaginative. Whether they’re tossing toys across a grassy field or playing board games with the family on a quiet afternoon, no screen time is a good time for everyone. Smack a bouncy birdie back and forth and work on that back hand swing or take your staycation to the next level with The Mazins by Helvetiq, a game about a family on a road trip to see all the sights! Earn trophies and track your traveling progress. All the wonders of a road trip but none of the stress from the comfort of home. Talk about meta!


Soak up the warm weather and take your games and toys on a picnic. It’s the perfect opportunity for families to relax, eat tasty food and spend quality time together, all with a dose of healthy competition. And not a screen or digital app in sight! Remember when face time actually meant hanging out face to face, in person? Make it happen, no fancy tech needed. Turn off the smartphone and turn on the FUN!

Learn more about why making free play a priority in your kid’s life here.

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