I am a Consumer, can I order online?

Toysmith is a wholesale supplier to retail stores and promotional markets, we do not sell direct to the public. Toysmith products can be found in retailers across North America and online. Please check your local toy or hobby store for Toysmith products. Consumers can purchase select Toysmith products fulfilled by trusted Toysmith retail partners at the ‘Shop’ section of our website.

What is Kibo Commerce Network?

The Toysmith Kibo Commerce Shop is an order processing platform. The Kibo Commerce Shop provides a convenient way for consumers to purchase Toysmith products by linking our website to an online catalog. After you place your order online through the Shop, a Toysmith authorized retail partner will fill and ship the order. Kibo authorized Retailers have to meet strict customer service standards to ensure your shopping experience is a pleasant one.

How can I find out the status of my order?

Wholesale Customer/Retailer: If you provided an email address to us when you placed your order, you will be sent a tracking number once your order ships. If you don’t have an email address you may contact Toysmith Customer Service Department at (800)356-0474. Please have your account number available.
Consumer: If your order was placed through the Kibo Shop then go to https://kibo.force.com/consumersupport/ or call their Support Center at (877) 412-7467. If you purchased Toysmith product elsewhere, please contact the retailer of the original purchase.

What if the item I purchased doesn’t work properly or is missing parts?

Toysmith does not offer replacement parts. Please contact the store where you purchased the item for an exchange or refund. We work closely with our Retailers and they understand that we will credit them for the faulty item. If the retailer is out of stock of the item, email us your address and product description to info@toysmith.com for a list of stores in your area. If you purchased the item through the Kibo Commerce network, please contact their Support Center at (877) 412-7467 or visit https://kibo.force.com/consumersupport/.
If you are unable to get in contact with the retailer, please send Toysmith a photo of the product along with packaging barcode or receipt as proof of purchase to info@toysmith.com.

I’m a Retailer, how do I get a catalog and an order form?

You can have one mailed to you by filling out a catalog request form, you will be asked to provide some of your business information before we can send a catalog, it generally takes a week to two weeks to arrive (from the time you fill out the request form). You can also view our products online here. Send your completed Order Form to orders@toysmith.com or fax to (800)435-0703.

I have a product idea, can I submit it to Toysmith?

Thank you for your interest in Toysmith! For more information regarding product idea submissions, please go here.