Don’t Let the Sun Set on Outdoor Fun!

Spring is finally blooming here in the Pacific Northwest, where long, grey winters and cooler springs usually mean shorter days for play. Are you excited to Spring into FUN? The warmer weather and longer days mean the kids will be out to play! Just because it gets dark doesn’t mean kids have to stop having fun. NightZone makes it easy to take day time play into dusk no matter the season because NightZone really shines in the dark, literally!  Check out the video for NightZone in action!

“The variety and range of the NightZone line encourages kids to move their bodies in many different ways. Lately, pro athletes have been promoting kids to play different sports for the physical and mental benefits,” says dad and sports coach, Matt Cory. “The other benefit of outdoor activity is getting the kids away from their tablets, phones and computers regardless of season.”

Speaking of sportsmanship, team games like Capture the Flag has been enjoying new popularity among kids and adults across the country, even inspiring an animated movie set in space. This classic game drives players to practice critical thinking, strategy and agility skills. NightZone Capture the Flag takes it to the next level by playing in the dark for more modern and challenging play. The bright, LED tech makes flags and bases easy to see even in the darkest night. Flags and beacons switch colors as opposing teams steal the other’s flag. The NightZone version can be used to play the many different variations of Capture the Flag or create your own unique version.

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This multi-dimensional approach can help kids be more flexible, focused and improve their hand-eye coordination. Not to mention fostering socialization, sportsmanship and FUN! Use tech to fight tech?! Is that a thing? It is now!

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