back to categories growThe Toysmith Grow category is filled with best selling classics and on-trend Hatch ‘n’ Grow designs. These toys inspire amazement and joy as kids of all ages watch them grow and grow!

Prank U

back to brands you’ve been schooled!Prank U!™ breathes life into classic jokes and gags; the modernized look makes even the oldest pranks feel relevant to today’s young jokester. This newly branded line helps turn any day into April Fool’s Day!


back to brands GRAB. SNAP! SMILE. REPEAT.Meet the amazing, ridiculously satisfying Snapperz™ from Toysmith! The SNAPtastic, fantastic fidget gadget! Palm-perfect for popping!


back to categories magic Be a part of the Toysmith Magic Society and earn your official Magic Society Certificate! Learn how to join the Toysmith Magic Society here! Amaze friends and family with timeless tricks from slight of hand to puzzling illusions.

Beetle & Bee fsc

back to brands fun abounds underground with Beetle & Bee! Say “hello!” to the Beetle & Bee™ Garden line by Toysmith, a playful and contemporary take on kids gardening! Beetle & Bee Garden offers curious junior green-thumbs high-functioning kid-versions of real tools, craft sets and activities to cultivate a love for gardening and the earth.…


back to brands Space: The Final FUN-Tier.The Toysmith Astro-verse range is a selection of themed impulse toys and activities. Curated to capture the imagination of future space travelers and inspire wonder at the mysteries of space and beyond!

YAY! Rack Program

back to brands HOORAY for YAY!The Yay™! rack toy program is is a unified collection of best-selling carded impulse toy favorites, presented in fun, contemporary and cohesive packaging with an attractive and mobile merchandising unit. There are over 75 items to choose from at any given time. For more information on the Yay! rack toy…