Hi There

back to brands Hi There™ Takes the Guesswork Out of Gift-Giving!Hi There™ is the delightfully witty giftables collection from Toysmith that makes gift-giving easy by presenting items in an intuitive framework with consistent pricing. Hi There provides spontaneous ways to spread joy through intentional interactions. Each color-matched product is carefully curated for maximum mood-boosting. For…

Farm Fresh

back to categories farm freshThis bushel of delightful, country-livin’ themed toys, games, and activities is guaranteed to bring a smile to farmhands of all ages.

On the Way Games

back to products on the way gamesOn the Way Games™ is the updated everyday game play brand from Toysmith featuring travel-friendly and road trip favorites. Self-contained in playful packaging: all are tried and true classics that keep kids busy on those long trips

Stretchy & Squishy

back to categories Stretchy & SquishyThe Toysmith Stretchy & Squishy category includes a wide breadth of memorable hands-on tactile products. It’s no “stretch” to say the Toysmith Stretchy & Squishy selection encourages kids to squeeze and stretch over and over again!

Project Blueprint

back to categories project blueprintExplore Project Blueprint™, the science-adjacent line of desktop kinetic sculptures engineered to strike a balance between procrastination and productivity. Sometimes the key to genius is thinking about nothing at all.

Cats & Dogs

back to categories cats vs dogsThe Cats vs Dogs range from Toysmith is a collection of impulse toys and accessories that capitalize on the biggest debate in history: “Cats or Dogs?” This playfully curated assortment asks: “Why not both?”

Oddly Satisfying

back to brands oddly satisfyingExperience sensory play a whole new way! Weirdly hypnotic and mesmerizing, the Oddly Satisfying line promotes a relaxing, multi-sensory ASMR play experience filled with “happy tingles.”


back to categories growThe Toysmith Grow category is filled with best selling classics and on-trend Hatch ‘n’ Grow designs. These toys inspire amazement and joy as kids of all ages watch them grow and grow!

Prank U

back to brands you’ve been schooled!Prank U!™ breathes life into classic jokes and gags; the modernized look makes even the oldest pranks feel relevant to today’s young jokester. This newly branded line helps turn any day into April Fool’s Day!


back to brands GRAB. SNAP! SMILE. REPEAT.Meet the amazing, ridiculously satisfying Snapperz™ from Toysmith! The SNAPtastic, fantastic fidget gadget! Palm-perfect for popping!