Stretchy & Squishy

The Toysmith Stretchy & Squishy category includes a wide breadth of memorable hands-on tactile products. It’s no “stretch” to say the Toysmith Stretchy & Squishy selection encourages kids to squeeze and stretch over and over again!

Jumbo Sweet-ish Fish

An oh, so sweet novelty toy take on a popular candy. 7¼” long sea squishy. Non-edible toy. 5yr+

Bacon ‘N Eggs

Squishy food toys are more than a flash in the pan. This friend egg and slice of bacon encourages kids to get hands-on with their fake food. Includes 4” wide fried egg and 5” long bacon slab. Peggable pan-shaped blister card. 5yr+

Jumbo Slimy Worm

Fake food fun! This jumbo worm is filled with colorful slime, ready for squishing. 10” long squishy worm. Non-edible toy. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Food Fight! Splat Balls

A less messy version of a cafeteria classic, these sticky, food-shaped balls go splat with each toss. Assorted styles. 3yr+

Kiji Buddies Unicorn

These four chubby unicorns and friendly cloud have a sticky, gel-like texture for tactile fun. Includes four 1¾” tall unicorns and a 1¼” cloud. 3yr+

Avocado Squeezy

A squeezable avocado with a pit popping surprise. Clip it to a bag or backpack for on the go squish relief. Measures 1¾” with a 1½” plastic clip. 3yr+

Balloon Dogs

Squeeze and stretch these balloon-shaped dog figures. Don’t worry, they won’t pop! Measures 3″ L x 2½” H. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Tiny Tumblers

These tiny tumblers slowly crawl down the wall with each toss. Includes 24 pieces. Each sticky measures ¾” across. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Squishy Wiggly Water Snake

Filled with squishy beads, this colorful water snake is a tricky, wiggly toy that never gets old. Measures 5″ long. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Super Skweezies Fruit

Jelly slime filled sticky squeezies in an assortment of fruits. Measures 3″. Assorted styles.

Pineapple Juice Squeezy

Give this tropical fruit a satisfying squish to reveal clear beads. Measures 5” x 3”. 5yr+

Squishy Fruits

An assortment of realistic, sliced fruit ready to be squished. Approximately 4” x 2”. Assorted fruits. 3yr+