Space: The Final FUN-Tier.

The Toysmith Astro-verse range is a selection of themed impulse toys and activities. Curated to capture the imagination of future space travelers and inspire wonder at the mysteries of space and beyond!

Epic Stretch Astronaut

Reach for the stars with a stretch! This epic astronaut stands 8″ tall, unstretched and stretches up to 24″! 3yr+

Light Up Asteroid Putty

Tap the asteroid for a comet light show and play with the galactic ooze inside. Measures 3½”. Includes 1 oz of putty. Non-replaceable batteries. Assorted colors. 5yr+Instructions here.

Planet Foam

Light as air, mold and shape this fluffy foam putty into a galaxy of planetary bodies. Mold it into the Milky Way or create a putty of Pluto. 0.18oz. foam putty. 5yr+ Assembly instructions here.

Grow Alien

Take me to your liter…of water and grow your own alien visitor. Submerge the alien egg and see what hatches! Assorted styles. 5yr+

Galaxy Orb

Hold a piece of stretchy space and give it a squeeze for an oh, so satisfying squish. 4″ diameter. Latex free. 5yr+

Flashing Asteroid Ball

Tap the asteroid for a flashing cosmic light show. Measures 2⅓” in diameter Non-replaceable batteries. Assorted colors. 3yr+

5″ Pull-Back Space Shuttle

This shuttle features pull-back action and realistic details ready for far out adventures.

Light Up Alien Pod Slime

They come in slime! The flashing space ship includes 2 oz. of ooze and one eerie alien figure. Pod measures 3½” x 2¾” Assorted colors. Non-accessible, non-replaceable batteries.

Pocket Star Finder

A pocket-sized star finder that includes a red night vision filter for your flashlight. Keep looking up and see what you can discover!

Night Sky Projection Kit

Create your own star projector using the contents of this kit. Includes northern and southern hemispheres, 4.5 inch diameter lamp, star charts and instructions.

Cosmic Rocket

Assemble your own 6” rocket. Fuel it with vinegar and baking soda and watch it blast off! Kit includes rocket, launch pad and instructions.

Solar System – Solar hybrid

This solar hybrid planetarium rotates with the power of the sun itself or the back-up battery. Includes solar system pieces, solar panel and instructions. Requires one AAA battery (not included).