slime & putty

So much slime, so little time! It’s putty gross!

Jumbo Neon Slime

Vibrant neon slime in a jumbo tub for big time fun! 32 oz. Assorted colors.

Jumbo Bouncy Putty

A bucket filled with two colors of fluffy, bouncy putty. Mold and squish it. Toss and bounce it! 7.4 oz. Assorted colors.

Jumbo Jar of Ick

A jumbo jar of 27 oz. of icky, sticky slime filled with 12 creepy crawlers and 12 slimy eyeballs.

Battle Ready! Combat Soldiers

Get deep into the trenches with this mega pack of 40 soldiers and 24 oz. of magic sand. Includes two jumbo jars filled with 20 soldiers in two colors with 12 oz. of magic sand each.

Slobber Pals™

Meet “Snots” and “Puddles,” two drooly dogs. Pour the slippery slime from the hydrant into the back of the pup. Tilt and squeeze the head for super slobbery fun.

Alien Pod Slime

They come in slime! Make the space ship flash with a press of the button. Includes 2 oz. of ooze and one eerie alien figure in a plastic pod. Pod measures 3½” x 2¾” Assorted colors. Non-accessible, non-replaceable batteries.

Cloud Slime

As fluffy as a cloud, stretch and pull this super soft slime for satisfying sensations. 5.5 oz. Assorted colors.

Slime Mash Ups

Add shimmery glitter confetti to shiny slime for extra sparkle. Each tub includes two slime colors and confetti. Styles include Fairy Dust, Mermaid Glitter, Unicorn Glitter, and Princess Party. 2.2 oz.

Color-Changing Butter Dough

Buttery smooth and stretchy, this temperature sensitive dough changes colors. 3.75 oz. Assorted colors.

Sea Foam Putty

Mold and shape this sea foam inspired squishy and fluffy putty. 0.56 oz.

Jumbo Dinosaur Slime

Fossil discovery at your fingertips! Dig deep into this jumbo jar of oozy amber goo and discover dinosaurs! Includes 32 oz. of amber slime and six plastic dinosaur skeletons.

Bigfoot Scat Poo Sample

Secretive and shy, the mysterious Bigfoot leaves a little behind from his behind. The proof is in the poo! 2.4 oz. of brown putty slime.