slime & putty

The Toysmith Slime & Dough category has over 20 years of proven success. As social media drives trends in the ever-changing slime market, Toysmith also continues to innovate with new, must-have slime experiences. The category offers the best in slime for kids and adults!
Clear Slime

This pretty as a picture glass-like slime is ready to be ‘grammed. Each tub is filled with 5.5 oz. or clear, jewel-toned slime. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Gold Rush Slime

Make slime time fancy with this 4.5 oz tub of gold-flecked slime putty. 5yr+

Jumbo Test Tube Slime

With its fun shape and extra large size, the Jumbo Test Tube Slime is a slime novelty winner. 6.5 oz. in each 7″ tall tube of slime. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Kiji Buddy & Slime

multi-sensory experience that combines slime and squishies. Includes one mini squishy and 2 oz. of slime. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Fish Bowl Slime

A swimmingly slimy substitute for a real fish bowl. Includes two stretchy goldfish and 9.5 oz. of clear stretchy slime putty in a resealable bucket. 5yr+

Clear Slime Mixins

Update slime play by mixing soft clay into clear slime to create new textures and colors. Includes 0.53 oz. of soft clay and 2.65 oz. of clear slime. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Cloud Slime

As fluffy as a cloud, stretch and pull this super soft slime for satisfying sensations. 5.5 oz. Assorted colors.

Slime Mash Ups

Add shimmery glitter confetti to shiny slime for extra sparkle. Each tub includes two slime colors and confetti. Styles include Fairy Dust, Mermaid Glitter, Unicorn Glitter, and Princess Party. 2.2 oz.

Color-Changing Butter Dough

Buttery smooth and stretchy, this temperature sensitive dough changes colors. 3.75 oz. Assorted colors.

Jumbo Neon Slime

Vibrant neon slime in a jumbo tub for big time fun! 32 oz. Assorted colors.

Jumbo Bouncy Putty

A bucket filled with two colors of fluffy, bouncy putty. Mold and squish it. Toss and bounce it! 7.4 oz. Assorted colors.

Jumbo Jar of Ick

A jumbo jar of 27 oz. of icky, sticky slime filled with 12 creepy crawlers and 12 slimy eyeballs.