slime & putty

Slime & Unicorns

Extra large tub of 12 oz of slime. Assorted unicorn theme figures.

Pearl Putty

Find the shimmery pearl inside the 3” slime-filled shell. Assorted colors.

Slime & Dinos Tub

Extra large tub of 12 oz of slime. Assorted dinosaur theme figures.

Funky Gunk

It’s putty gross! Includes gooey Barf, Booger, Pimple and Poo. 1.76 oz.

Potty Putty

Push the putty into the 2½” potty for disgusting fart noises.

Dinosaur Fossil Putty

Inside this jewel-tone gel-like putty lies a dinosaur fossil. In a reusable 3½” diameter container.

Rainbow Putty

Colorful glitter putty in a 5½” rainbow-shaped container. 4 oz putty.

Slime Suckers

Includes one 2” sucker and one tub of slime. Assorted styles.

Two-Color Test Tube Slime

Assorted 5½” test tubes filled with two colors of slime, 1.3oz.

High Bounce Boing Putty™

Squish, mold, toss or bounce it! 4oz. reusable container.

Pluto Plasma™

The icy dwarf planet is now a stretchy, bouncy putty. Each 3” tall container holds 5oz of putty.

Mars Mud

Marbled Mars Mud stretches and bounces. Makes great noises too! Container is 3” tall and 2¼” in diameter.

Triple Layer Putty

Three layers of colorful putty fun in 2½” jars. 4.5 oz. Assorted colors.

Mood Mudd™

Soft dough that changes color from the heat of your hands. 4oz. reusable container.

Slime Time

Flip the tube to watch the slime slide down the clear, 4″ timer. 1.3 oz slime.