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New for 2022! Retailers, please contact your Sales Rep to place your order. Consumers, please visit your local toy or gift store to purchase new Toysmith products.

Grow Astro Pets

Just soak in water to reveal these astronomically adorable animal astronauts. 5yr+

Bitty Buddies

Tiny pet friends come with their own carrier and accessories. Asst colors, styles. 5yr+

Dragon Hand Puppet

Fantastically detailed dragon hand puppets. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Epic Farm Animals – Piglet

6.5″ soft and sturdy piglet figure. 3yr+

Epic Farm Animals –  Calf

8.25″ tall soft and sturdy calf figure. 3yr+

Epic Farm Animals – Kid Goat

9.25″ tall soft and sturdy kid goat figure. 3yr+

Farm Fresh Crackin’ Egg

Crack open the 4.5″ colorful egg to reveal the wind-up chick inside. Assorted egg colors. 5yr+

Flipsy Farm Friends

2.5” squishy eggs flip to reveal animals. Assorted styles. 5yr+

Fainting Goat

2″ tall wooden flopsy goat puppet. 3yr+

Farm Fresh Egg Chalk

Six 2.5″ tall color swirled chalk eggs. 3yr+

Wrap n’ Roll Skateboard Bracelet

Slap on bracelet with skateboard wheels. Assorted styles. 5yr+

Pet Paws

Wildly wearable squishy foam paws. Assorted styles. 3yr+