new items

Here’s just a sampling of some of the new and exciting Toysmith offerings for 2021! Retailers, please contact your Sales Rep for a 2021 catalog to place your order. Consumers, please visit your local toy or gift store to purchase new Toysmith products.

Inflatable Dino

Inflate a hilarious, bouncy dino friend. Expands up to 14 inches and comes in 4 styles.

Virus Hand Wash Helper

Put proper handwashing under the microscope! Keep washing until the light-flashing timer stops. Available in 2 colors.

Fluffy Friends

4″, soft, air-filled animals. 4 different styles.

Super Stretchy Snake

A super stretchy snake in 4 different styles.

Stretchy Snake

A soft, stretchy snake in 5 different styles.

Aquoddities Squishimals

Available as Axolotl, Angler Fish, or Flapjack Octopus, each in 2 different styles

Play Force Launch Rocket

Includes 9” flip-action rocket, parachute and launcher. 6yr+

Sproing Ball

High bounce 3¾” ball of interlocking “gears.” Assorted colors. 3yr+

Tie Dye Slime

5.5 oz of opaque slime in assorted colors. 5yr+

Epic Dragon Stretchy

10” sand filled stretchy dragon in assorted colors. 3yr+

Epic Puppies- Corgi

Nearly life-size Corgi puppy made of soft, pliable vinyl. 3yr+

Epic Shark- Great White

Realistic 19” long great white shark made of soft, pliable vinyl. 3yr+

Axolotl Squeezy Ball

2½” slime filled axolotl squishy ball. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Land of Dinos

12 dinosaur figures, prehistoric play scene and 2.47 oz. of magic sand. 5yr+

3D Molding Set- Jurassic

Includes 3 pop out skeletons, colored dough and instructions. 3yr+

Slither and Snap Wrist Wrap

10” sequin-covered snake slap bracelet. Assorted styles. 5yr+

Rainbow Snap Bracelet

8½” long rainbow slap bracelet. 5yr+

Dog and Kitty Rings

Soft dog and cat rings fit most fingers. Assorted styles. 5yr+