winter ideas for spontaneous joy-giving

The Toysmith winter season section is decked out in their festive best, filled with cheerfully fun toys from stocking stuffers to premium presents sure to light up faces during this holiday season. Retailers, please contact your Sales Rep to place your order. Consumers, please visit your local toy or gift store to purchase new Toysmith products.

Amazing Crystal Grow Holiday Kit

Includes “magic” water to “grow” snowman, Christmas tree, and Santa Claus figures. 5yr+

Holiday Tree Baton

Holiday tree baton tips flash with a tap. Nonreplaceable batteries. Asst colors, styles. 3yr+

Hatchin’ Grow Arctic Friends

Figures “hatch” when put in water. Includes polar bear, owl and fox that grow up to 4” tall. 5yr+

Holiday Mix-Ins

Includes 5.5 oz. of clear slime and holiday confetti mixer. Asst colors and styles. 5yr+

Build Your Own Snowman

Includes 2 snow molds, snow powder, mixing stick, cup, and accessories. 6yr+

Sparkle Snowflake Mix-ins

Includes 5.5 oz. of glittery slime and metallic snowflake confetti. 5yr+

Sticky Snowball Fight

Includes 24 pieces of .75” wide blue and white sticky “snowballs.” 3yr+

Kiji Buddies Polar Bear

Includes one 2.5” squishy mama bear and four 1.5” bear cubs. 3yr+

Yeti Iceberg Adventure

Includes yeti figure and 3.53 oz. of slime with plastic ice cubes. 3yr+

Grow Yeti

Grow Yeti “hatches” when submerged in water. Grows up to 4”. 5yr+

Christmas Music Boxes

Mini wind-up music box. Six assorted classic holiday songs. 5yr+

Melting Snowman

Build and melt snowman includes melting putty, hat, eyes, nose, pipe, buttons, and arms. 5yr+

Penguin Iceberg Adventure

2” penguin in iceberg-shaped container filled with 1.8 oz. of blue slime. 5yr+

Amazing Christmas Tree

Includes 6” Christmas tree stand, star, “magic” water to “grow” tree, glitter and garland. 5yr+

Penguin Fizzy

2.5” iceberg activates in water to reveal 1.5” penguin. 5yr+