Crazy Robot

This bot is full of crazy surprises! It’ll jump, flip and spin, even flip when it bumps a wall.

Fate Finder

Ask the all-knowing eye for answers. 20 responses (17 enlightening + 3 boring).

Wrapped Around Your Finger Pen

FUNctional 4” fidget spinner. Features ball bearing fidget.

The Write Lightbox

Speech bubble lightbox is 6” x 4¼”. Comes with dry erase pen with eraser cap.

Little Birder

This bird-watching kit is perfect for the budding birder complete with binoculars and bird guide.

Eggmazing Race Relay Game

A no mess version of a field day classic. Includes six plastic spoons, three plastic eggs.

Ignition Stomp Rocket

Turn on the massive light up rocket and launch it with a STOMP up to 50 ft into the sky.

Boom Bash™

Make it “boom” with each bashing volley. Includes two 11” paddles and 4¼” Bash Birdie™.

Amazin’ Acrobats

Give the acrobat a little squeeze to make it turn and flip for amazing tricks.

Mini Air Blaster

Shoot a mighty puff of air from this mini air blaster.


Learn everything you wanted to know about babies with this fun, social game.

Surprizamals™ Puchi Gumi

Inspired by Japanese kawaii culture, these plush Surprizamals are sure to delight and surprise.