STEAM Weather Station

Features all the tools a little meteorologist needs to learn about climate, weather changes and the greenhouse effect!

Bendy Soldier

Set and pose this flexible soldier by bending his arms and legs in a variety of poses.

Off Road Trucks

Rip and roll mini trucks over moldable sand and keep it contained in a 4” jar.

The Sheriff Badge

There’s a new sheriff in town. Real metal badge with pinback.

Sequined Surprizamals™ Puchi Gumi

Featuring 3½” Puchi Gumi characters that change colors with a swipe of the sequins. Collect them all!

Farty Flip

Farty Flip loves to do dirty tricks with his toilet seat-deck. “A good ride is a smelly slide!”

Mini Squishy Animals

It’s a squishy, 3 piece surprise in each blind bag. Collect all 30 of the assorted faces.

Epic Stretch Hero

Larger than life stretchy soldier. Stands 8½” tall. Stretches up to 24”.

Funky Gunk

It’s putty gross! Includes gooey Barf, Booger, Pimple and Poo.


Team UP is a Collaborative Pallet Packing Game! The goal is to stack the boxes on
the pallet as compactly as possible.


Includes 25 assorted “goo”-filled “zits.” One-time use only. Non-toxic.

Laser X™ Micro Blasters

Real-life laser gaming experience. Two Micro Blasters and two Arm Receivers with a range of 100 ft.