Sling N’ Toss Target Game

Great for backyards or game rooms, twirl and throw the weighted slingers to score. Includes two 16” ring targets, four slingers, drawstring storage bag, and instructions.

Bobbin’ Buddies Narwhal-I-Cone

Chill poolside with the Narwhal-I-Cone or take this soft serve bestie for a dip in the pool. The weighted bottom adds stability and at 35″ this floaty friend is oversized fun.

Solitary Bee Habitat

Not all bees live in hives, some are solitary and don’t swarm like honey bees. Mason bees are one type of solitary bee that will benefit to having a safe place to lay and rear their young.

A Llama Fun Shake Puzzle

Llama show you a picture perfect shake and sort puzzle. Wooden window box measures 4” x 4” x 1”. Assorted styles.

Llama Long Neck Stretchy

Stretch the long llama neck beyond it’s 9” length. Assorted colors.

Jittery Sloth

Pull the string to make this sloth shake across at he speed of sloth. Nonreplaceable, inaccessible batteries. Assorted colors.

One of a Kind Unicorn Macaroon Squishy

A uniquely magical creature, the 2” wide unicorn macaroon is ready to be squished.

Stretchy Slice

This squishy 5″ slice of pizza pie is the stretcheesiest!

Don’t Stress Meowt Chubby Kitties

Relax with a cute and squishy chubby kitty. 3″ long. Assorted colors.

Aqua Robot

A robot fish that floats and paddles on the water’s surface with the power of the sun or a regular battery.

Zoomer™ Lollipets

Lollipets are active, collectible friends who’ll do anything for their favorite sweet. Make them zoom, hop towards their treat and watch their ears wiggle, too.

Lovely Pillow My Unicorn

Sew your own soft and cuddly unicorn pillow. Includes unicorn pattern, plastic needle, floss and instructions.