new items

Here’s just a sample of the more than 165 new Toysmith offerings for 2020! Retailers, please contact your Sales Rep for a 2020 catalog to place your order. Consumers, please visit your local toy or gift store to purchase new Toysmith products.

Warrior’s Mark™ Throwing Blades

The third item in Toysmith signature series, Warrior’s Mark. Inspired by ancient chakram, these throwing rings strike true with each well-aimed toss. Includes 26” diameter easy-fold target, two foam throwing blades, suction cup, door hanger, storage bag and instructions. 6yr+

Snapperz™ Rainbow

Snap the rainbow with a satisfying squeeze! Snapperz is the fidget that fits perfectly in your palm. Grip and squeeze for a satisfying snap again and again. Will you master the perfect pop? Measures 2⅓” diameter. 3yr+

Backyard Golf

No putter, no problem. This inventive twist on golf can be played on land or water. Aim each golf ball-themed dart at the green for a hole in one. Play on any flat surface or even in the pool because it floats! Includes 14¼” x 13½” x 3” foam mini golf green and three foam sucker darts. 5yr+

Chubby Corgis

Corgis are all the rage. This rotund 3” long rover loaf fits well in small hands. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Skwishy Pets Space Cat

Kids will want to get their mittens on this space kitten. It’s a squishable space oddity made for squeezing. 4” wide. Assorted colors.

Woo Animal Puffs

Woo is the word for these trendy squishy critters. Featuring a zoo’s worth of popular creatures. Measures 2½” in diameter. Assorted styles. 3yr+

Epic Army Man

Take play time to new heights with the Epic Army Man figure. 14½” tall. Assorted styles. 3yr+

Epic Unicorn

An epic addition to evergreen unicorns, this detailed figure stands 13¾” tall. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Kiji Buddies Narwhals

Super adorable and super squishy this family of narwhals have a gel-like texture for tactile fun. Includes one 3″ narwhal and four 2″ narwhals. 3yr+

Kiji Buddies Black Bears

A family of bears just taking a break have a sticky, gel-like texture for full tactile fun. Includes one 2½” mama bear and four 1½” bear cubs. 3yr+

Jumbo Punch Balloon

A glitter-filled update to the classic punch balloon, this toy expands up to 22” in diameter. Includes inflation nozzle and jumbo punch balloon. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Squishy Rebound Ball™

Two play patterns in one is twice the fun! This signature Rebound Ball gets a squishy twist. The squishy ball has a 50” stretchable cord attached to a hook and loop wrist band. Assorted colors. 5yr+