Warrior’s Mark™ Throwing Stars

Take wicked aim at the next big thing, throwing stars! Includes 18” target, three foam stars, suction cup, door hanger, instructions, and drawstring storage bag.

Grow Mermaid

Soak this 2 ¾” egg in cold water and in 12-24 hours a mermaid will emerge and grow! Mermaid reaches full size in 1-2 days.

Narwhal Squishy

Give this soft foam narwhal a squeeze for a satisfying, slow-rising squish. 4″ x 3″. Assorted colors.

Battle Ready! Combat Soldiers

Get deep into the trenches with this mega pack of 40 soldiers and 24 oz. of magic sand. Includes two jumbo jars filled with 20 soldiers in two colors with 12 oz. of magic sand each.

Jurassic Hatchin’ Dinosaurs with Slime

Pop open this slime-filled prehistoric egg to reveal a squishy, stretchy dinosaur covered in gooey, gross slime. Includes 5” clear plastic egg filled with 5.5 oz. of slime and 5” dino figure.

Iceberg Penguin Adventure

There’s nothing cold about this iceberg shaped slime. Includes a 2″ plastic penguin in 1.8 oz. of blue slime.

Kitty Pawsicle Pinch Light

Give this kitty pawsicle a pinch to turn on the bright LED light. Each pinch light measures 4 ¼” x 2 ½” and includes a breakaway neck cord.

Red Hot Chili Pepper

All the squish and none of the spice, this 5″ long chili is stretchy, stress-free fun. Filled with fine sand for a soothing squish.

Bigfoot Scat Poo Sample

Secretive and shy, the mysterious Bigfoot leaves a little behind from his behind. The proof is in the poo! 2.4 oz. of brown putty slime.

Magic Circuit

Build a working electronic instrument using conductive tape! Includes music board, conductive tape, wires, cups and instructions.

Micro Zoo™ Mystery Pack

So tiny, so cute, collect these real plush animals and learn interesting zoological facts about them. Each Micro Zoo pack is a surprise! More than 20 to collect.

Unicorns Mini Tile Art

Turn tiny tiles into magical, magnetic masterpieces! Design dazzling unicorn inspired art using the stencils and colorful paints.