under the sea, mer-mazing fun.

A sea filled with fun-loving and playful sea folk.

Mermaid Tattoo Gel Pens

Create tantalizing sea tattoos in glittery, bright colors. Includes six assorted pens and mermaid stencil set.

Grow Mermaid

Soak this 2 ¾” egg in cold water and in 12-24 hours a mermaid will emerge and grow! Mermaid reaches full size in 1-2 days.

Mermaid Fortune Rings

Each colorful mermaid character represents a positive fortune! An assortment of colorful, soft mermaid topped rings fits most fingers.

Sea Foam Putty

Mold and shape this sea foam inspired squishy and fluffy putty. 0.56 oz.

Mermaid Castle Stretchy

Play peek-a-boo inside this stretchy mermaid castle. Includes one colorful 2¾” tall squishy castle and two 1½” tall mermaids.

Mermaid Sand Art

Shellebrate with a beach-themed sand art necklace. Includes plastic shell container, breakaway cord, mini funnel, and 5 sand colors.

Mermaid Jewelry Twisty Bracelets

Colorful twisty bracelets filled with shimmery glitter. Jewelry fit for any sea maid. Fits most wrists.

Clam Light

Multicolored mermaid lightshow! Requires batteries three AG13 batteries (included). Ceramic clamshell measures 6½” x 5½” x 6″.

Narwhal Squeezy

Give this 2″ unicorn of the sea a squeeze to reveal blue, glittery goo from it blowhole.

Magical Mermaid Bendy

Bend to pose this 5″ mermaid into fintastic positions.

Stretchy Starfish

Squishy, soft 5″ starfish with five stretchy arms, filled with fine sand.

Sea Urchin Ball

Tap and bounce this squishy sea creature to activate the flashing light show. 2¼”.