impulse toys

Premium impulse and novelty toys are what Toysmith does best!  The Toysmith impulse category features a diverse collection of toy favorites in our mainstay categories of games & puzzles, skill toys, play figures, role play, accessories, light-up, vehicles, bubbles, stretchy, slime and more. Something for everyone!

Zit Headz™

Satisfyingly squishy and oh so gooey! Go aHEAD and give this gnarly 3″ noggin a squeeze for pimple poppin’ gross out fun.

Slobber Pals™

Meet “Snots” and “Puddles,” two drooly dogs. Pour the slippery slime from the hydrant into the back of the pup. Tilt and squeeze the head for super slobbery fun.

Tub Sub

Tap this squishy, chubby tub sub to make it light up for flashing bath time fun. Sub measures 3⅝”. Includes non-replaceable batteries.

Squishy Fruits

An assortment of realistic, sliced fruit ready to be squished. Approximately 4″ x 2″. Assorted fruits.

Super Skweezies Sweets

Glittery, slime and bead filled squeezies in an assortment of classic sweets: cupcakes and donuts.

Pineapple Juice Squeezy

Give this tropical fruit a satisfying squish to reveal clear beads. Measures 5″ x 3″.

Flamingo Bath Duck

Set the mood for a tropical delight with this color-changing flamingo bath float. Place in water to activate a colorful light show.

Pizza Toss

Untwist this pie and give it a toss to make it fly. Twist in to close. Measures 3½” closed and 9½” opened.

Super Skweezies Fruit

Jelly slime filled sticky squeezies in an assortment of fruits. Measures 3″. Assorted styles.

Curious Cat Shake Puzzle

Give this puzzle a shake for a purrfect picture. Wooden window box measures 4″ x 4″ x 1″.

Chasing Fireflies

Spark play time in the dark for a unique game of hide and seek. Each firefly gently flashes and has an On/Off switch.

Bigfoot Bendy

Sasquatch crossing ahead! Can you find this mysterious missing link? Pose and place Bigfoot for a fun game of hide and seek.

Ginormous Grow Eagle

This is one big bird! Just add water to watch it grow. Starts at 2½” tall and grows up to 7″.


This wobbly dense foam figure wavers and wiggles with each push but won’t be knocked down! 2½” tall.

Gorilla Action Bendy

Hang out with this poseable, playful primate. 5¼” tall.