gift & novelty

Trend forward products in unique, giftable packaging including novelty lighting and desktop décor, as well as many “kidult” toys.

Namastay Stressed

A Toysmith twist on the ubiquitous stressball, Millennial edition. Sometimes self care can be a squeeze away. Place in hand and squeeze, one for each fist. Repeat as needed, really whenever. Includes two 2¼” gel-filled stress balls.

The Struggle Is Real Money Saver

Encourage a Millennial to save for a rainy day even if they just spend it on avocado toast. The struggle is real but avocado toast is delicious. Adulting takes a back seat to chance. Drop each coin and let chance decide. Includes coin drop money saver with 40 stickers: 24 printed and 16 blank.

Buzzword Pen

A must-have gift for the corporate professional. Just a click away from a business cliche. Enough buzzwords to get through the meeting that could have been an email. Six assorted sayings. Assorted colors.

Millennial Mood Ring

Monitor your mood fashionably. Who has time to talk about their feelings? Most young people are too busy hustling their multiple jobs. The mood ring becomes a mood beacon. Fits most fingers.

Shower Notes

Help a Millennial multitask with shower friendly crayons. Put down the loofa and write down that million dollar idea. Each1½” bath crayon is secured in an easy-grip 3“ crayon holder. Packaged six on a peggable blister card.

Light Up Mini Marquee

Create messages on 6¼” x 4¾” lightbox! Includes 90 letter, icon and number slides. Requires four AA batteries (not included. Micro USB compatible (lead not included)

Mini Jupiter Kinetic

A perpetual motion desktop toy 8½” tall with black base. Requires 9V battery (not included).

Rainbow Pin Art

3D Rainbow relief in a clear 5″ x 21/4″ frame filled with colorful plastic pins.

Unicorn Bath Duck

Put in water to activate colorful lightshow. Flashing multi-color LEDs.