gifts & novelty

Trend forward products in unique, giftable packaging including Garden at Home®, Life in Miniature™, novelty lighting and desktop décor, as well as many “kidult” toys.

Galaxy Kinetic Art

A perpetual motion desktop toy stands 11½” tall with black base. Requires two AA batteries (not included).

Galaxy Kinetic

Perpetual motion desktop toy 9½” tall with a black base. Requires 9V battery (not included).

Magnetic Levitator

Make the 5” levitator float in space. Create optical illusions by spinning the levitator. No batteries required.

Mini Jupiter Kinetic

A perpetual motion desktop toy 8½” tall with black base. Requires 9V battery (not included).

Rainbow Pin Art

3D Rainbow relief in a clear 5″ x 21/4″ frame filled with colorful plastic pins.

Fate Finder

Ask the all-knowing eye for answers. 20 responses (17 enlightening + 3 boring)

Berry Lazy Lip Gloss

Cute sloth container filled with berry flavored lip gloss.

Pug Off Lip Gloss

Pugalicious pink bubblegum flavored lip gloss.

Unicorn Bath Duck

Put in water to activate colorful lightshow. Flashing multi-color LEDs.

Big Top Peanut

Easy to squeeze slow-foam, not a bit salty.

Wrapped Around Your Finger Pen

FUNctional 4” fidget spinner. Features ball bearing fidget.

Squeeze Banana

Squeeze this banana for super squishy stress relief. 6″.