gifts & novelty

Snot My Pencil

Nose-shaped sharpener with pencil 3½” included. It’s right under your nose!

Pug Off Lip Gloss

Pugalicious pink bubblegum flavored lip gloss.

Squeeze Banana

Squeeze this banana for super squishy stress relief. 6″.

The Write Lightbox

Speech bubble lightbox is 6” x 4¼”. Comes with dry erase pen with eraser cap.

Fate Finder

Ask the all-knowing eye for answers. 20 responses (17 enlightening + 3 boring)

3D Angle Lamp

Powered by USB this 2D lamp appears 3D!

Screw-its Pencil Toppers

Twist and turn these screw toppers for a little stress relief.

Wrapped Around Your Finger Pen

FUNctional 4” fidget spinner. Features ball bearing fidget.

Torking Awesome Pen

FUNctional 6¼” fidget twister. Barrel made of twistable gears.

Magnetic Cobalt Blue Putty

Magnetic putty with magnet for scientific stress relief and it never dries out!

Unicorn Ooze

Squeeze to suck up the ooze. Squeeze again to squish it out.

Glow in the Dark Neon Yellow Putty

Glow in the dark putty for scientific stress relief and it never dries out!