games & puzzles

3D Puzzle Dinosaur

Easy to assemble 3D Animal puzzle made from natural wood. Six assorted dinosaurs.

On the Way Games™

On the Way Games™ keeps hands busy and minds entertained with travel-friendly road trip favorites for mess-free fun!

Guatemalan Kick Bag

Colorful hand crocheted kick bags from Guatemala. 2½” diameter. Assorted styles. 5yr+

Bamboozlers™ Puzzle Assortment

These 3D bamboo puzzles come in a 3” x 3¼” box. Assortment of four with varying levels of difficulty. 8yr+

Double 6 Dominoes

28 standard double-six dominoes in a tin with instructions and Mexican Train starter.

Pick-Up Sticks

These 41 wooden pick-up sticks measure 9¾” long and come packed in a wooden storage box with rules. 8yr+

Color Shift Puzzle Ball

Match up the colored balls with their corresponding colored rings to solve the puzzle.

Cribbage Board

Play cribbage with two or three players on this folding 15” x 3½” wooden play board. Nine cribbage pegs are stored inside folded game board. 8yr+