games & puzzles

Perplexus Revolution™ Runner

Motorized maze with perpetual motion. Unique, multi-path, enticing sculptural maze. Differentiated game play through 4 speed modes. Requires three AA batteries (included).

Perplexus™ Original

Flip, twist and spin the sphere along the numbered path to navigate and cross more than 100 challenging barriers to solve the puzzle.

Pimple Pete™

Pop Pimple Pete’s pimples without erupting his mega- zit! Load the pimples and fill the mega-zit plunger with water.

Marbles™ PUCK!

PUCK! tests your trick shot skills in an all out puck slamming, cup stacking melee! Race to eliminate your opponents’ cups by landing wooden discs into them, before they land one in yours!

Marbles® The Sherlock

Unlock your inner Sherlock to crack the mysterious wooden puzzle.

Magnetic Travel Games

Slim and compact, these magnetic games are great for road trips and on the go play.

Marbles® Otrio™

Otrio, the head-to-head strategy game! To win, get three pieces of your color in a row based upon similar size.

Soggy Doggy™

Play Soggy Doggy, the showering, shaking, wet doggy game! Players move around the board and take turns bathing the pup.

Marbles® Flingshot

Fling Shot is the magnetic target board made for Flingons, four-legged magnetic fidgets.

Double 6 Dominoes

28 standard double-six dominoes in a tin with instructions and Mexican Train starter.

Desktop Croquet

Classic lawn game sized downed for a desk or coffee table.

Road Trip Bingo

Durable and inkless, these bingo boards are no mess fun on the run.