farm fresh

This bushel of delightful, country-livin’ themed toys, games, and activities is guaranteed to bring a smile to farmhands of all ages.

Epic Farm Animals – Piglet

6.5″ soft and sturdy piglet figure. 3yr+

Epic Farm Animals –  Calf

8.25″ tall soft and sturdy calf figure. 3yr+

Epic Farm Animals – Kid Goat

9.25″ tall soft and sturdy kid goat figure. 3yr+

Farm Fresh Crackin’ Egg

Crack open the 4.5″ colorful egg to reveal the wind-up chick inside. Assorted egg colors. 5yr+

Flipsy Farm Friends

2.5” squishy eggs flip to reveal animals. Assorted styles. 5yr+

Fainting Goat

2″ tall wooden flopsy goat puppet. 3yr+

Barnyard Honkers

Classic 2.5″ plastic sound tube. Available in mooing cow or bleating sheep.

Animal Pun Water Balls

Looking for something punny? No prob-llama! These Barnyard Punimals will quack you up.

Farm Fresh Egg Chalk

Six 2.5″ tall color swirled chalk eggs. 3yr+

Pig Jax

A down-home twist on a classic. Includes 1 ball and 8 plastic pig jacks.

Screamin’ Goat

9.5″ plastic goat makes sound when squeezed.

Egg Splat Griddle Game

A country cookin’ spin on the classic game of catch. Includes two 9.5″ paddles and two Egg Splat balls.

Barnyard Squealers

Includes 8 pink, noisemaking rocket balloons and 2 straws.

Pig Pen Slime

Includes 2 adorable, squishy pigs and 4.94oz of “mud” slime.

Pulled Pork

3.5″ sand filled stretchy pig.