make new friends.

Kitty Pawsicle Pinch Light

Give this kitty pawsicle a pinch to turn on the bright LED light. Each pinch light measures 4 ¼” x 2 ½” and includes a breakaway neck cord.

Taco Cat Squishy

Tacocat the palindrome is also a purrty cute snack-shaped squishy. The opposite of crunchy, this taco shell is for squishing! 3½” x 2″.

Kitty Litter

This laid back kitty is ready for its new home, litter box too. Includes one 2″ squishable kitty and 3.5 oz. of moldable sand.

Crazy Cat Lady

The purrfect crazy cat collector starter set! Includes set of four 2″ squishy, laid back kitties.

Bigfoot Bendy

Release your inner cryptozoologist! Sasquatch crossing ahead! Pose and place Bigfoot for a fun game of hide and seek with your own 5″ tall bendable Bigfoot figure.

Cat-a-Pult Pen

Get your paws on a working CATapult pen. We’re not kittening, it really works. Two paws up. 8″ tall.

Panda Putty

Put together a putty panda! Includes black putty and white putty. 2 oz.

Grow Panda

Just add water to hatch your own panda. Watch it emerge from the bamboo base. Up to 48 hours to fully emerge and grow.

Penguin Poppers

It’s a penguin poppin’ party! Includes two 2″ tall penguins with two mini balls.

Penguin Fizzy

Drop the frosty iceberg into water and watch it fizz away to reveal a 1½” penguin. Iceberg measures 2½”.

Skwishy Pets Penguin

Give this super soft round penguin a good squeeze as it stretches for a satisfying squish! 4½” diameter. Latex-free.

Waddling Penguin

Give this plump foam penguin a push to make it wiggle and wobble. 2½” tall. Assorted styles.