cats vs dogs

The Cats vs Dogs range from Toysmith is a collection of impulse toys and accessories that capitalize on the biggest debate in history: “Cats or Dogs?” This playfully curated assortment asks: “Why not both?”

Skwishy Pets Space Cat

Kids will want to get their mittens on this space kitten. It’s a squishable space oddity made for squeezing. 4” wide. Assorted colors.


Take me to your litter. Space + Cats = castronomical cuteness. This 3” wide catstronaut is a slow-rise squishy from space. Peggable blistercard.

Kitty Hairball Pom Clip

Furry bling is a thing! Fluffy and sparkly these kitties really shine! Attach them to backpacks and purses. Measures 3” and includes a plastic clip. Assorted styles. 3yr+

Chubby Corgis

Corgis are all the rage. This rotund 3” long rover loaf fits well in small hands. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Skwishy Pets™ Dogs

These adorable pups are begging to be squished. Stretch and squeeze for a satisfying squish. Assorted styles. 3yr+

Corgi Zipper Clutch

A cute corgi coin purse with photo-realistic details and zipper closure. Measures 5” x 4½”.

Pug Off Lip Gloss

ugalicious pink bubblegum flavored lip gloss. 0.5 oz. 3½” x 53/8” blister card and 10½” x 8¾” x 5½” display. 5yr+

Pug Stressball

Squeeze this doggone cute 2¾” pug for stress relief. Great gift for dog lovers. 5¼” x 6½” sealed clamshell. 5yr+

Don’t Stress Meowt Chubby Kitties

Relax with a cute and squishy chubby kitty. 3″ long. Assorted colors. 3yr+

Kitty Litter

This laid back kitty is ready for its new home, litter box too. Includes one 2″ squishable kitty and 3.5 oz. of moldable sand.

Cat-a-Pult Pen

Get your paws on a working CATapult pen. We’re not kittening, it really works. Two paws up. 8″ tall. Assorted colors.

Taco Cat Squishy

Tacocat the palindrome is also a purrty cute snack-shaped squishy. The opposite of crunchy, this taco shell is for squishing! 3½” x 2″.