best sellers

Surprizamals™ Series

Surprise! Which one of the Surprizamal Cuties will you get! One 3½” adorable plush critter in a plastic 2½” Surprizaball.


Volley back and forth with the oversized racket and bashable, birdie ball.

Multi Voice Changer

Submerge the 4½” dinosaur egg in water for 12-24 hours and watch the dinosaur hatch. Fully grown dinosaurs reach nearly 12” in size! Assorted dinosaurs.

Twisty Petz™

Twisty Petz are cute collectibles that transform from adorable animals into beautiful bracelets with a twist!

Unicorn Poop

Glittery pink putty poop! Watch it melt and then re-mold to play again.

Flip Car

Give this friction car a shove and watch it drive over obstacles, up walls, flip over and just keep going.

Solar Rover

Build this cool rover using the kit parts provided and an old soda can. Learn how sunlight is converted to energy. Detailed instructions included.

Ginormous Hatchin’ Grow Dino™

Submerge the dinosaur egg in water and watch the dinosaur hatch to reach nearly 12” in size!

Fluffy Slime

Whipped to a fluff, this airy slime has a marshmallow cream-like texture in assorted colors. 2.5 oz.

Big Bath Duck

Bath time is just more fun with a really BIG duck! Each 8½” duck floats!

Epic Dinos

Larger than life and vibrantly detailed, these 22” dinos are made of soft, pliable vinyl. Assorted styles.

Dinosaur Squishimals™

Super squishy dinosaurs range in size from 5” to 8” and come in assorted styles.