best sellers

Galactic Ooze™

Each 3½” plastic beaker oozes with mysterious swirls of blue, purple, green, pink and yellow.

Unicorn Poop

Glittery pink putty poop! Watch it melt and then re-mold to play again.

Surprizamals Cuties

The best-selling mystery assortment of wide-eyed wonderful plush cuties in a variety of critters.

Ginormous Hatchin’ Grow Dino™

Submerge the dinosaur egg in water and watch the dinosaur hatch to reach nearly 12” in size!

NightZone™ Flashback

Catch the light-up ball as it rebounds in a flash on its 50″ cord.

Flip Car

Give this friction car a shove and watch it drive over obstacles, up walls, flip over and just keep going.

Touchable Bubbles

Bubbles you can touch! Each test tube is 4½” tall and contains .75 oz of solution.

U Fidget

Any way you flip it or fold it, it’s hours of mind-bending puzzle fun.

Tiny Terrariums™

Tiny Terrariums are adorable, easy to grow and can live for years. Collect them all.

Giant Parachuter

4” Parachuters in assorted colors.

Peg Game

This deceptively difficult brain teaser features a 4¾” wood base and 15 pegs.

Make a Wind Chime

This wind chime makes music of the passing breeze.