The Yay™! rack toy program is is a unified collection of best-selling carded impulse toy favorites, presented in fun, contemporary and cohesive packaging with an attractive and mobile merchandising unit. There are over 75 items to choose from at any given time. For more information on the Yay! rack toy program, please contact your Toysmith Representative. Yay! rack toys by Toysmith are light-hearted and varied and will surprise and delight boys and girls of all ages.

YAY! is a One-Stop-Shop Solution!

  • Freestanding, rotating rack on wheeled base (easy to assemble!)
  • Includes Header & Backer panel signage
  • Streamlined with Reorder Rack Cards Included
  • Variety & Value of Our Best-Selling, Premium Impulse Toys
  • 3 peggable sizes in bright, eye-catching designs

Pearl Putty

Skwishy Pets

Toilet Toss

Grow Fun Pack

DIY Rainbow Figures

Smack! Ball

Dino Darts

Slime Lab


Sloth Walker

Witty Writer

Dance Ribbon