THE Destination for Play!

Toysmith Towers Over the Rest

Pearl Putty

Find the shimmery pearl inside the 3” slime-filled shell. Assorted colors.

Triple Layer Putty

Three layers of colorful putty fun in 2½” jars. 4.5 oz. Assorted colors

Two-Color Test Tube Slime

Assorted 5½” test tubes filled with two colors of slime, 1.3oz.

Infinite Fidget Cube

Flip and turn this puzzle cube for hours of fun.

Mini Prancing Unicorn Puppets

Magical unicorn puppetry at your fingertips. Includes four 2½” squishy, colorful unicorns.

Pool Dive Coins & Jewels

Dive toys include six plastic coins and eight jewels.


Squishy critters are as squeezably satisfying as they are adorable. 3¾” diameter.

Magic Sand Kit

Colorful moldable sand and six plastic molds.

Squishy Faces

Give these faces a squish for a bit of stress relief. 3¾” diameter.

Light Up Asterix Ball

Give this spikey, 3″, colorful ball a tap to make it flash with each bounce.

Mini Dinos

Squishy, bead-filled 7” dinos in assorted colors and styles.

Jumbo Light Up Suction Ball

Make it bounce and stick it to flat surfaces. 3¼” diameter.