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Toy Towers™ is a collection of best-selling impulse toy favorites, presented in fun, contemporary and cohesive packaging with an attractive and modular merchandising unit. Items available for the Toy Towers program cover all the core play patterns, have accessible price points and are refreshed twice annually. There are over 75 Toy Towers items to choose from at any given time. For more information on the Toy Towers program, please contact your Toysmith Sales Representative. Find a toy for everyone in Toy Towers.

Toy Towers Display Program:


Press the button to light up the band. Fits mo st wrists. Assorted colors and styles.

Mermazing Purse

Must have accessory for any sea siren. Duo-colored sequin mermaid tail with zipper and strap.

Glitter Squeezy Balls

Give this glittery goo ball a squeeze. 2¼”. Assorted colors.

Light-Up Butterfly Water Ball

Give the ball a tap t o watch the butterfly dance in a flashing water-filled light show. 2¼” diameter.

Pearl Putty

Find the shimmery pearl inside the 3” slime-filled shell. Assorted colors.

Shimmer Slap Bracelet

Flip the double-sided sequins for a sassy snap bracelet. 8½”.

Infinite Fidget Cube

Flip and turn this puzzle cube for hours of fun.

Mini Prancing Unicorn Puppets

Magical unicorn puppetry at your fingertips. Includes four 2½” squishy, colorful unicorns.

Squishy Faces

Give these faces a squish for a bit of stress relief. 3¾” diameter.

Magic Sand Kit

Colorful moldable sand and six plastic molds.

Mini Dinos

Squishy, bead-filled 7” dinos in assorted colors and styles.

Jumbo Light Up Suction Ball

Make it bounce and stick it to flat surfaces. 3¼” diameter.