STEM learning from the atomic to the zoologic.

Toy Science™ introduces young inquisitive minds to a broad-spectrum of accessible science-related concepts (STEM) through easy to use, hands-on fun.  Toy Science fosters exploration and experimentation, with little or no instruction required and a low barrier to entry.  Toy Science products take the intimidation out of learning science-related concepts, and turns them into in-STEM-fun!

Magnets 4” Horseshoe

Experiment with magnetics using this powerful 4” horseshoe magnet.

Magnets 8 Piece Set

Fun and educational, this set includes six assorted magnets, two bars and seven paperclips for magnetic experiments.

Mighty Magnets 11 Piece Set

This set of magnets includes two 3¾” horseshoe magnets, two magnetic balls, 7½” magnetic wand, two star-shaped magnets, two mini horseshoe magnets and two round magnets.


Create an electrifying buzz as you toss these powerful hematite magnets into the air.

Magnets 24 Piece Set

This large set has an assortment of fourteen magnets, three bars and seven paper clips for magnetic pickup play.

Eerie Orb™

Close the circuit by touching both metal spots at the same time as energy flows through you to activate light and an eerie sound.

Mystical Tree

Add the crystal growing liquid and the Mystical Tree transforms into a beautiful tree. Instructions HERE:

Mini Glow Dinosaur

Dig and discover the bones, then assemble them to recreate the dinosaur.

Dinosaur Egg

Each 4” plaster egg can be excavated to reveal a detailed dinosaur model.

Cosmic Coil™

Constructed from a single strand of flexible metal, the Cosmic Coil transforms into a mesmerizing spherical ring.

Pocket Star Finder

Pocket-sized star finder that includes a red night vision filter for your flashlight.

3-D Mirascope™

Parabolic mirrors create a floating holographic image that looks 100% real but try to touch it and your fingers go right through.