STEM Learning from the Atomic to the Zoologic.

Cosmic Coil™

Constructed from a single strand of flexible metal, the Cosmic Coil transforms into a mesmerizing spherical ring.

Euler’s Disk™

Give it a spin and watch a hypnotic display of light and sounds as it turns.

Eerie Orb™

Close the circuit by touching both metal spots at the same time as energy flows through you to activate light and an eerie sound.

Smashable Geodes

Gently crack open these real geodes to reveal the crystal surprise within.

Crystal Growing Box Kit

Grow your own colorful crystals with this all in one box kit.

Light-Up Gyroscope

Set this light up gyroscope spinning and perform gravity defying tricks.

Magnets 24 Piece Set

An assortment of shaped magnets and paper clips.

Pocket Star Finder

Pocket -sized star finder that includes a red night vision filter for your flashlight.

3-D Mirascope™

Parabolic mirrors create a floating holographic image that looks 100% real but try to touch it and your fingers go right through.

Nature Kaleidoscope Kit

Go green by building your own kaleidoscope using nature objects.

Galaxy Kinetic

Kinetic planetary orbits revolve and captivate in near perpetual motion.

Mineral Science Kit

This boxed set includes basic tools and a guide for learning to test, classify and identify 15 mineral specimens.