The Leader in Secret Agent and Special Ops Gear.

Field Agent Spy Watch™

Features eight high-tech gadgets including stopwatch, world time, motion alarm, nightlight and more.

Night Goggles™

Lightweight, comfortable spy goggles with a flip out scope with magnifying lens, blue tinted lenses and bright LED lights.

Night Scope™

Spy day or night with the red tinted 3X binoculars. Spring-mounted LED spotlight shines up to 25 feet.

Ultimate Night Vision™

Infrared LED lights and adjustable head mount provide hands-free vision up to 30 feet in complete darkness.

Ultra Range Walkie Talkies™

Two multi-channel radios allow spies to keep in contact up to 2 miles away via voice or spy code.

Field Agent Walkie Talkies™

Two one-channel walkie talkies for voice communication or Morse code.

Micro Spy – Counter Display

Assortment includes Motion Alarm, Tactical Mirror and Micro Agent Listener.