make life fun!

The Wave™ Electronic Game

Magically move lights with a wave of your hand. Four game modes: Catch Me, Remember, Join, and Follow.

Cool Maker™ Tidy Dye™ Station

A no-mess solution for tie dyeing clothing and accessories. Each color is stored in a no-drip dye-saturated string dispenser.


Includes interactive doll, dress, bottoms, bow and interactive accessories: spoon, bottle, soother, lamby and instructions.

Rube Goldberg™ Acrobat Challenge

Launch the acrobat from the cannon using gravity and spring forces to create a chain reaction for under the big top fun.

Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pups™

These interactive pups respond to your touch with light up eyes, barks, a special trick and a “Zupp” game.

Air Hogs® Sonic Plane™

Easy to control, fly this crash resistant plane far and fast with real motor sounds.

Etch a Sketch Jr™

Take your Etch a Sketch to the next level with an old school arcade look. Creating circles is easier than ever with the joystick drawer.

Kinetic Sand™ 8 oz

8 oz of moldable, squeezable Kinetic Sand. Never dries out and easy to clean up.

Classic Etch A Sketch™

Sketch and draw with the turn of the knobs for endless hours of creative fun. Give this classic toy a shake and start over again.

Tech Deck™ 96mm Fingerboards™

Collect 96mm fingerboards sporting real skate graphics. Perform Tech Deck tricks just like the life-sized pros.

Meccano® 5 Model Set Roadster

Build up to 5 different pull back cars. Use the included tools to take apart one model to begin another.

Flush Force™ Filthy 5 Pack

Just add water to “Flush” to reveal each mucky mini figure. Collect more that 150 Flushies™.