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Twisty Petz™ Twisty Treats

Twisty Petz just got sweeter with Twisty Treatz! Transform them into sparkly bracelets, stylish necklaces and trendy ring bling! From Water Glitter and Swirl to an Alpaca, Polar Bear and Pastel Fuzzy Otter, and more. Transform your adorable stacked treat into a bracelet and back again! 4yr+

Candylocks™ Pet Blind Pack

Discover a scented Candylocks pet surprise. Each pet features the same soft, fluffy locks as the Candylocks dolls. More than 20 to collect! Includes pet, hair accessory and fruit-shaped container. 5yr+

Uni-Verse Collectible Unicorn Surprise

Dunk the cloud in warm water and as it magically dissolves, reveal bags filled with a collectible unicorn, matching friend, accessories, bio card and collector poster! Inside each cloud, you’ll also find a special scratch-off unicorn bio card (super-fun tip: use your unicorn’s hoof). 5yr+

Kinetic Sand™ Scents

Mix together Kinetic Sand Scents like Sour Apple, Vanilla Cupcake or Chocolate Swirl and create all-new scent and color combinations! The possibilities are endless! Includes 8 oz. of scented Kinetic Sand. Assorted colors and scents. 3yr+

Kinetic Sand™ Hidden Treasures

Use the key to unlock a treasure chest of Kinetic Beach Sand. As you dig with the key, find a layer of gold, onyx or silver Shimmer Sand. Keep digging! Find a hidden tool buried inside to help you scoop, transform or shovel your Kinetic Sand! Uncover three bronze or silver coins, or find the rare gold coin! 4yr+

Kinetic Sand™ Seashell

This 4.5oz colorful seashell container includes two layers of Kinetic Sand – a layer of Beach Sand and a layer of neon Kinetic Sand! Mix the sand colors together to create neon-colored Beach Sand. Mold seashells with the container and use it to store the Kinetic Sand. 3yr+

Monster Jam™ 1:64 Dirt Dozers

Build Monster Jam courses with the official 1:64 die-cast Dirt Squad and bring the hard-working behind-the-scenes Monster Jam vehicles to life. Fill Scoopz’ front loader with Monster Dirt, roll it out with Rolland and dig with Dugg’s excavator claw. When the trucks tumble or crash, hook the tail of a Dirt Squad vehicle onto the Monster Jam truck to tow it away. Assorted styles. 6yr+

Awesome Bloss’ems™

Plant the seed, cover it with sparkle soil, add water, make a wish, then watch your Bloss’em sprout. Each 1¾” doll features a beautiful blossom on its head and smells sweet, just like a real flower. Once your doll is grown, pick her out and play with her in the leaf hammock or display her under the terrarium dome. Collect all 25! Assorted styles. 5yr+

Bakugan® Ultra Baku-Gear™

Drop Baku-Gear on top of the Bakugan Ultra to transform! Standing at 3” tall, each Armored Alliance Bakugan Ultra has amazing detailing and its faction symbol. Over 50 to collect. Now a hit show on Netflix! Includes one Bakugan Ultra, one Baku-Gear, two BakuCores, a Character Card, an Ability Card, and Bakugan Battling Rules. 6yr+

Tech Deck™ Street Hits™

Inside every Street Hits pack is a single, fully assembled fingerboard plus a sick street feature. Recreate your favorite tricks and expand your skills by checking out online tutorial videos at Includes one fingerboard and one obstacle. 6yr+

Plush Power™ RC Dump Truck

A soft, plush body makes up this squishy, oversized remote control 2.4GHz power dump truck, perfect for younger kids. Includes squishy dump truck and remote control. Requires 5 AAA batteries (not included). 3yr+

Plush Power™ RC Fire Truck

2.4GHz powers this squishy, oversized remote controlled fire truck. Includes squishy fire truck and remote control. Requires 5 AAA batteries (not included). 3yr+