you've been schooled!

Welcome to Prank, U!™ Class is in session! This new Toysmith line encompasses the hilarious category of practical jokes and gags, from the classic to the gassy into a cohesive, accessible brand. Hijinks are surely to ensue with this playful, contemporary take on pranks filled with timeless classics and updated play patterns for today’s youth. You’re about to get schooled!

Hand Slimitizer

Popular slime meets ubiquitous hand sanitizer for a uniquely silly prank. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Prank Stickers

This joke really sticks! Gag stickers includes four each of cracked glass, fake electrical outlets and “voice-activated” sure to fool friends and family. 5yr+

Butterfly Suprise

A new spin on a classic prank, the Surprise Butterfly is twisted, literally. Using rubber bands, twist the butterfly and place in a book or binder for an eye-opening surprise! Includes two trick butterflies and five rubber bands. Assorted styles. 5yr+

No Tear Toilet Paper

Time for a potty prank! There’s no tearing away from this gag, literally! Includes a “roll” of fake, untearable toilet paper roll. 5yr+

Fake Out Pencils

No matter how much they’re sharpened, there’s no writing with these prank pencils. Includes eight standard looking, leadless fake pencils. 5yr+


This classic prank has been upgraded to slime for hands-on gross-out fun. Includes realistic barf and poop pranks filled with extra gross chunks. 5yr+

Large Noise Putty

Stick in a finger to create a cacophony of crude noises. Each container measures 3” tall. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Potty Putty

Push the putty into the 2½” potty-shaped tub for disgusting fart noises. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Small Noise Putty

Create a symphony of fart noises. Each little tub of putty measures 2½”. Assorted colors. 5yr+

Doggo Doo Doo

Realistic, plastic puppy poop always brings out the gross giggles. Includes 4 realistic pieces of doggy doodoo. 5yr+

Whoopee Cushion

A classic noisemaker measuring 7¼” diameter. 3yr+

Fart Bombs

Squeeze, drop, and run. The foil bag will inflate and burst, filling the room with stink. Six bombs in a box. Outdoor use only. 8yr+