When Trouble Strikes Adventure Bay, They’re There to Save the Day!

PAW Patrol Specialty Exclusive Pup Buddies™

Collect them all and form your own PAW Patrol team from Nickelodeon’s hit show.

PAW Patrol Basic Vehicles™

Just push to play with these PAW Patrollers in assorted vehicles.

PAW Patrol Action Pup™

The members of PAW Patrol are at your service.

PAW Patrol Rescue Racers™

Race these rescuers back and forth with just a push.

PAW Patrol PAW Patroller™

The PAW Patroller is the perfect vehicle to carry and dispatch the crew.

PAW Patrol Roll to the Rescue Starter Set™

Set the track and get ready to roll to the rescue!

PAW Patrol Roll to the Rescue Deluxe Set™

Station and launch the PAW Patrol when trouble arises from the lookout tower. Over bridge and past the track, PAW Patrol has got your back.

PAW Patrol Roll to the Rescue Train Set™

Put together your own PAW Patrol Rescue Train set and zoom through the tunnel and pick up your Pawmates to save the day.

PAW Patrol Bath Squirters™

Give this squishy squirter a squeeze for water play fun. Imaginary fires are no match for these bath time rescuers.

PAW Patrol Pup Pals™

Soft, plush versions of the furry heroes. Real 8″ Velboa plush in assorted PAW Patrol characters.

PAW Patrol Bath Paddlin Pup™

These mermaid pups float and swim to the rescue during bath time.