when trouble strikes adventure bay,
they’re there to save the day!

PAW Patrol™ Sea Patrol Pup Pad™

Engulf yourself in the animated adventures of the PAW Patrol sea adventures. Push each pup button to hear them speak.

PAW Patrol™ Sub Patroller

Transport the PAW Patrol crew for undersea adventures. The submarine hatch opens in the back for rapid rescue release!

PAW Patrol Snuggle Up Pups™

Snuggle up with these soft and soothing PAW Patrol pups. Give their bellies a squeeze to activate a glowing nightlight, hear lullabies and phrases.

PAW Patrol™ Sea Patrol Deluxe Figure

The pups are ready to patrol the sea each wearing flashing pup packs. Watch the animated card with the Sea Patrol Pup Pad.

PAW Patrol™ Sea Patrol Vehicle™

Each Sea Patrol transforms for aqua rescue action! Includes transforming vehicle, pup figure and sea friend.

PAW Patrol™ Sea Patroller

The Sea Patroller has drop-down wheels to transform from ship to land vehicle. Lift Ryder out of sticky situations with the moveable crane and attachable cage.

PAW Patrol Action Pup™

The members of PAW Patrol are at your service.

PAW Patrol™ Patrol Lift Up Vehicle

Each PAW Patrol vehicle transforms into a flying form with launchable projectiles.

PAW Patrol Specialty Exclusive Pup Buddies™

Collect them all and form your own PAW Patrol team from Nickelodeon’s hit show.

PAW Patrol Pup Pals™

Soft, plush versions of the furry heroes. Real 8″ Velboa plush in assorted PAW Patrol characters.

PAW Patrol Bath Paddlin Pup™

These mermaid pups float and swim to the rescue during bath time.

PAW Patrol Basic Vehicles™

Just push to play with these PAW Patrollers in assorted vehicles.