pint-sized pioneers explore
and connect with nature.

You Can Knot Kit

Knot tying at your fingertips. Learn 20 neat knots with this portable kit.

Campfire Harmonica

Play tunes by the campfire. Includes 4” 10 hole harmonica, carrying case and song sheet.

Wildlife Tent Projector

Project images in your tent while sharing camp side stories. Includes 6” flashlight and 5 image disks.

Little Birder

This bird-watching kit is perfect for the budding birder. Includes binoculars and pocket-sized bird watching guide.

Hoot n’ Holler Animal Caller

Blow into the horn to make it roar, bellow and howl, up to nine different calls.

Solar Print Kit

This kit contains everything needed to make solar prints.

Lensatic Compass

A military style compass made from real metal.

Outdoor Bingo

Outdoor nature inspired bingo with sliding windows for no mess fun.

Nature Journal

Record your observations in this brown paper journal and collect leaves and flowers in one of the pockets.

Critter Head Lamp

Forest critters light the way with a steady or flashing glow.

Large Butterfly Net

The sturdy 16” plastic handle attached to a 9” net gives you an extra long reach for catching critters.

Bug Vacuum

Catch and release all kinds of little critters with a gentle vacuum.