A Great Introduction to Gardening and a Love for Our Environment for Any Kid.

Giant Pinwheel

Build a colossal version of a the classic pinwheel.

Solar Print Kit

Use the sun to create detailed art prints.

Paint a Terrarium

Grow and decorate your own little world with this terrarium kit.

Flower Press

Press and preserve your prettiest flowers.

Design Your Own Fairy Garden

Add some garden magic to your home with your own Fairy Garden.

Kids’ Hand Tool Set

Three sturdy metal gardening tools with wood handles.

Build a Birdfeeder

Build and paint a 6″ tall birdfeeder made of real wood.

Metal Wheelbarrow

A sturdy, metal wheelbarrow perfect for little gardeners.

Metal Watering Can

Colorful metal watering cans.

Root Viewer

A mini tube garden with clear tubes to watch your garden grow.

Kids’ Garden Tote

A kid-sized garden tote with sturdy hand tools.

Kids’ Big Tool Set

A set of real metal and wood tools in little gardener size.