oddly satisfying

Experience sensory play a whole new way! Weirdly hypnotic and mesmerizing, the Oddly Satisfying line promotes a relaxing, multi-sensory ASMR play experience filled with “happy tingles.”

Surprise ‘N Slime Mystery Ball

A multilevel play experience that combines slime and a squishy surprise. Snip the squishy slime ball to reveal a food squishy. The food-themed squishy features a clip for backpack and totes. Assorted styles. 6yr+

That’s Crackin’ Mystery Egg™

An elevated unboxing experience that includes a little mayhem. Get crackin’ to reveal the toy prize within. Just like a real egg! It’s a surPRIZE! Assorted styles. 5yr+

Ooze Dribbler

Give customers a relaxing, slow-flowing sensory experience with the Ooze Dribbler. Flip the tube and watch ooze flow for a relaxing, mesmerizing show. Assorted colors.