light up play time day or night!

NightZone® light up sports toys provide the best continuous sports experiences after the sun goes down.  A Toysmith exclusive, the line utilizes the patented Lightband™ Technology to provide the widest variety of active play light up experiences for kids through traditional sports, solo play and group activities. Don’t let the sun set on outdoor fun! Enter the NightZone!

NightZone® Bolt Football

A 9″ NightZone football with a textured surface for easy gripping.

NightZone® Versus Capture the Flag

A classic game of Capture the Flag with a NightZone twist!

NightZone® Sky Fire

Launch it high into the night sky for a full minute of brightness.

NightZone® Ignition Launch Rocket

Turn on the massive light up rocket and launch it with a STOMP up to 50 ft into the sky.

NightZone® Halo Hoops

Practice night time dunking with the light up ball and hoop set.

NightZone® Unleash Large Missile

Unleash the light up missile into the night sky up to 75 ft.

NightZone® Orbit Skipsation

Put your ankle through the hoop and start rolling the light-up ball.

NightZone® Flashback Rebound Ball

Catch the light-up ball as it rebounds in a flash on its 50″ cord.

NightZone® Night Striker Bowling

Have your own multicolored cosmic bowling game at home. Pins and ball light up.