timeless play for the young and old!

Neato! ™ Retro Classics toys are delightful, retro classic favorites for kids of all ages. The nostalgic line of toys harkens back to simpler times, when fun didn’t require batteries and plug-ins. The easy-to-use, durable novelties inspire movement and hands-on engagement

Train Whistle

Blow into the four-chambered wooden whistle, to hear a locomotive’s call.

Sheriff Badge

There’s a new sheriff in town. Real metal badge with pinback.

Metal Kazoo

These 4¾” metal kazoos feature a high quality “childproof” cap and resonator.

Classic Game Set

Timeless toys from dominoes, bowling, yoyo, pick up sticks, jax and marbles.

Amazin’ Acrobats

Give the acrobat a little squeeze to make it turn and flip for amazing tricks.

Paint Your Own Derby Racer

Paint stripes or other flashes of color with this wood race car kit.

Time to Play Wood Games

Three timeless games including a wooden catch ball, paddle ball and yoyo.

Tin Can Topple

Build a tin can tower. Take aim and throw to topple the tin can tower.

Wooden Diabolo

Toss and twirl the wooden diabolo and perform all kinds of tricks.

Butterfly® Yo-Yo

With it’s signature wide flare, the Butterfly Yo-Yo has been a player favorites for years.

Glow Stars Tin

Includes assortment of 50 glow-in-the-dark star and galaxy pieces in a shiny metal tin.

Double-Barreled Pop Gun

Make it go POP with a pump of the wooden double barrel toy gun.