making toys for safe, exuberant play, indoors and out since 1994.

Slam Bams™

Slam Bams are self righting, high bounce Monsta’ Balls with attitude.

Whipper Skipper

Fling it down to make it bounce and skip across any hard surface.


High visibility flight for easy tracking and catching. The stabilizing tail helps it fly straighter and longer.

Roll a Ring™

Take the Roll-a-Ring for a stroll, a run or skate and watch it light up and roll with you.

Aqua Battle – Thor’s Hammer™

Two heads are better than one for double drenching fun!

Aqua Battle – Battle Axe™

Drench the competition with the soakable 19″ Aqua Battle Axe.

Aqua Battle – Mega Bow™

Launch a soaker arrow up to 75 feet using the dual linked power cord.

Aqua Battle – Finger Rocketz™

8″ of high flying poolside fun with this flingable aqua rocket.