Hi There™ Takes the Guesswork Out of Gift-Giving!

Hi There™ is the delightfully witty giftables collection from Toysmith that makes gift-giving easy by presenting items in an intuitive framework with consistent pricing. Hi There provides spontaneous ways to spread joy through intentional interactions. Each color-matched product is carefully curated for maximum mood-boosting.

For more information on the Hi There program, click here to contact your Toysmith Sales Representative.

life’s a ball

22” inflatable glitter punch balloon.

up in the air

Three weighted 2.5” juggling balls.

strike a pose

7 yoga dice and instruction booklet.

totally bananas

Squeezable banana filled with pop-up cards.

helping hand(s)

6 mini finger hands.

orange you glad

Wearable target cap and 3 soft fabric balls.

i’m fine

Affirmation-filled squidgy, stretchy, stress relief buddy.


5 oz moldable sand and mini sand castle molds.

butterfly effect

8 metal butterflies, 16 stickers, magnetic base, and plastic dome.

pick me ups

10 coloring cards (5 designs), 6 color pencils, and easel.

succulent sculpture

25 clever connectors and plant pot display and storage.

magna POP art

Metal ball bearing canvas and magnetic pencil.

flex yer fingers

36” string loop and instruction booklet.

time to get chill

Goop-filled, super slow-mo timer.

lux putty

Smooth silicone putty in reusable container.

you’re a gem

Crystal making supplies and instructions.

oh snap

2 mini Snapperz™ on carry clips with shareable quips.


2 interlocking metal fidget spinners.