inspire kids to move their bodies and stretch their imagination!

Get Outside, Go!™ is a branded line of easy-to-use and dynamic toys that inspires active outdoor play, encourages kids to move their bodies and stretch their imagination. It’s the perfect assortment of games and activities that encourage healthy habits and help future athletes to learn sportsmanship.

Triple Play Combo Set

8-pc backyard and pool party set. 13” floating Beamo, 2 bounce paddles, 2 splash balls, 2 stick paddles, sucker dart.

Bash N’ Boom Combo Set

6-pc combo set includes 2x 21” rackets, 2 boom paddles.

Bash N’ Bounce Game Set

12-pc deluxe game set includes 4x 21” rackets, 2x 4.5” Bash Birdies, 2x foam balls, 4x safety cones.

Ultra Gliders

A pair of 9” gravity-defying stunt and trick planes with 9.5” launcher.


22” pump action blaster shoots water up to 30’. LEDs light up water jet like a laser.

10″ Mini Beamo

10” lightweight flying hoop made of foam ring covered in soft fabric that floats on water.

Spring N’ Score Bounce Ball Game

Inside or outside, Spring N’ Score is a fun but challenging target game. Aim to bounce the ball into one of the hoops. Includes bounce pad, target board, four balls, drawstring storage bag, and instructions. 2 – 4 players.

Backyard Golf

No putter, no problem. This inventive twist on golf can be played on land or water. Aim each golf ball-themed dart at the green for a hole in one. Play on any flat surface or even in the pool because it floats! Includes 14¼” x 13½” x 3” foam mini golf green and three foam sucker darts. 5yr+

Aimin’ Ace Dart Game

Take aim to become an ace! Twist the target open to play, twist close when done. Includes 26” foldable target, three 7½” easy stick darts, door hook, suction cup, drawstring storage bag, and instructions. Indoors or outdoors. 2 – 4 players.


Volley back and forth with the oversized racket and bashable, birdie ball.

Spring Ring™

Large, springy paddles with ball and pom can be used for on land or water.

Boom Bash™

Make it “boom” with each bashing volley. Includes two 11” paddles and 4¼” Bash Birdie™.