inspire kids to move their bodies and stretch their imagination!

Get Outside, GO!™ is a dynamic, accessible, active play brand from Toysmith that inspires outdoor activity, encourages kids to move their bodies and stretch their imagination!  Each Get Outside, GO! item is designed to deliver the most fulfilling junior sports experience possible, introducing kids ages 5+ in a positive way to the benefits of active living. The sky’s the limit! Get Outside, GO!

Spring N’ Score Bounce Ball Game

Inside or outside, Spring N’ Score is a fun but challenging target game. Aim to bounce the ball into one of the hoops. Includes bounce pad, target board, four balls, drawstring storage bag, and instructions. 2 – 4 players.

Aimin’ Ace Dart Game

Take aim to become an ace! Twist the target open to play, twist close when done. Includes 26” foldable target, three 7½” easy stick darts, door hook, suction cup, drawstring storage bag, and instructions. Indoors or outdoors. 2 – 4 players.

Sling N’ Toss Target Games

Great for backyards or game rooms, twirl and throw the weighted slingers to score. Includes two 16” ring targets, four slingers, drawstring storage bag, and instructions. 2 – 4 players.

Click N’ Swish Pom Toss

Click to connect the rings into different configurations for a variety of target toss challenges. Includes six pom balls, five 7” rings, four poles, 24 connector clips, drawstring storage bag, and instructions. 2 – 3 players.

Pitch N’ Stick Dart Ball

Perfect your pitch with plenty of practice. Inflate this 24” diameter dart board. Balls adhere to the board using hook and loop technology. Includes three balls.

GO! Games™ Jump Rope

Sturdy paracord style jump rope with knotted ends to prevent slippage. Adjustable knots allows for a custom rope length. Measures 8 feet.


Volley back and forth with the oversized racket and bashable, birdie ball.

Spring Ring™

Large, springy paddles with ball and pom can be used for on land or water.

Boom Bash™

Make it “boom” with each bashing volley. Includes two 11” paddles and 4¼” Bash Birdie™.

Smash™ Ball

Hit a homer with this lightweight 28½” bat and smashable 4” ball.

Sling Darts

Sling darts as far as 100 ft! Includes two 11” foam darts and 8” slingshot launcher.

Cyclone Copter

Pull the ripcord and watch the disc fly up to 25 feet. Includes two discs and launcher.