inspire kids to move their bodies
and stretch their imagination!


Volley back and forth with the oversized racket and bashable, birdie ball.

Spring Ring™

Large, springy paddles with ball and pom can be used for on land or water.

Suckerball Catch Set

Throw the Suckerball with one hand and stick the catch with the paddle in the other.

Boom Bash™

Make it “boom” with each bashing volley. Includes two 11” paddles and 4¼” Bash Birdie™.

Missile Launcher

Includes an 11” foam missile and 8” launcher. Flies up to 75 feet!

Cyclone Copter

Pull the ripcord and watch the disc fly up to 25 feet. Includes two discs and launcher.

Smash™ Ball

Hit a homer with this lightweight 28½” bat and smashable 4” ball.

Sling Darts

Sling darts as far as 100 ft! Includes two 11” foam darts and 8” slingshot launcher.

Light Up Smash™ Ball Golf

Hit a hole-in-one with this oversized 30” driver and light up, oversized 3½” golf ball.

Lacrosse Set

Set includes a pair of lacrosse sticks and one rubber ball.

Ultra Glider™

Gravity-defying trick planes. Shoot the gliders into the sky to perform amazing stunts.

Beamo® 30”

Throw the soft foam ring to make it soar over 100 feet. Perfect for park or beach.