the future of fun.

Ultimate Saber

Strike fear in rebel and ally alike with the Ultimate Saber. Press one button to extend the hilt blades.

Light Up Bubbleizer

The Bubbleizer is both bubble shooter and light show. Watch the flashing LED lights cast a rainbow glow onto the stream of bubbles.

Mini Plasma

The plasma glass orb measures 4″ in diameter and 6″ tall with stand. AC adapter included.

Special FX Blaster

This matte black blaster lights up in color and sound with a press of the trigger.

Water Bazooka

Shoot water over 30 feet with this pump action water bazooka. Attaches to most plastic soda or water bottles.

3D Puzzle Dinosaur

Easy to assemble 3D Animal puzzle made from natural wood. Six assorted dinosaurs.

Airzooka Green

Blast a shot of air up to 50 feet with a pull of the elastic trigger. Use the pop up site for a better aim with this fun air shooter.

Ultra Glow Air Power Soccer Disc

The Air Power Soccer Ultra Glow rides on a cushion of air and glides across with a push or kick.