fun comes first!

Roll and Laugh Monkey™

This plush monkey rolls back and forth on the floor while laughing hysterically!

Banana Tantrum Monkey™

Attach to most carriers and with a Tug of the banana watch the monkey throw a “tantrum.”

Clack & Slide Ball™

Excavate, study and display your own crystals.

Clip & Tuck Teether™

The teether is attached to a baby-safe clip with ribbon and can be safely attached to baby or a diaper bag when not in use.

Explore and Go Activity Gym

Protect little ones with the UPF 50 and water resistant sunshade canopy perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Teethe & Read™

A colorful, crinkly picture book with teethable corners.

Lights & Sounds FunPad™

Introduce baby to ABCs, 123s, colors and shapes with interactive play.

5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play™ Activity Gym

A jumbo gym filled with jungle-themed toys.

Learn & Giggle Fish™

Roll, clack, slide and twirl all the toys on this ball.

Rattle & Shake Barbell™

A fun double-headed rattle with a twist.

Chill & Teethe™

Soothe tender gums with textured, chillable teethers.

Snuggle & Teethe™

Adorable, soft plush give baby teething relief.