fun abounds underground with Beetle & Bee!

Say “hello!” to the Beetle & Bee™ Garden line by Toysmith, a playful and contemporary take on kids gardening! Beetle & Bee Garden offers curious junior green-thumbs high-functioning kid-versions of real tools, craft sets and activities to cultivate a love for gardening and the earth. With their positive, nature-loving attitudes, bug buddies Beetle & Bee encourage children to cultivate a more green, less mean world.

Beetle & Bee Garden products that contain wood are FSC® certified. Toysmith’s FSC certification by SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) supports the growth of responsible forestry practices.

To find FSC® certified items just look for this symbol:

Toysmith is FSC® Certified FSC-C125400.

Read about why and how Toysmith chose to have Beetle & Bee FSC® certified

Solitary Bee Habitat

Not all bees live in hives, some are solitary and don’t swarm like honey bees. Mason bees are a type of solitary bee that benefit with a safe place to lay and rear their young. The 7½” x 4½” x 6½” habitat comes apart for easy cleaning. Instructions here.

Build And Paint A Birdie B&B™

This building kit features easy to build assembly that requires no hardware. Everything you need to make and decorate a 7” tall birdhouse including colorful paints, paint brush, birdhouse pieces and instructions. Assembly instructions here.

Paint A Bug Abode™

Welcome friends into the neighborhood with bright colors for their new home. Hang up their new critter condo and keep them snug as a bug, literally. Includes 9½” x 2½” x 5½” wood bug house, eight colorful paint pots and a paintbrush.

Kids Watering Can Kit

Set includes one pair of jersey knit garden gloves, trowel, rake, shovel and a metal 5.25in watering can. 3yr plus

Kids Garden Tote Kit

This 12” x 11” x 5½” canvas tote has front and side pockets and includes 6” hand rake, 8” shovel and 8½” trowel.

Kids Garden Hand Tools

Three sturdy hand tools measure up to 8½” long and feature Beetle & Bee art on their handles. Includes shovel, rake and trowel.

Paint a Butterfly Hideaway

Give kids an opportunity to attract butterflies with their own colorful house using the included paints and brush. House stands 9.25in tall. Includes 3 paint pots and a brush. 3 yr plus

Kids Leaf Rake

Real 28.5″ rake with metal prongs, hardwood handle, and leather loop with hang tag for versatile display options. 5 yr plus

Kids Wheelbarrow

With grippable handles, a wide base and rubber wheel, this metal wheelbarrow is ready to garden. 32” long and holds a heaping cubic foot of dirt. Instructions here.

Kids Watering Can

Orange-red and teal 5½” tall metal watering cans accented with adorable character art.

Kids Bucket

These bright and colorful 5” metal pails have grippable handles. Assorted colors.

Kids Garden Gloves

These stretchy garden gloves fit most kid-sized hands. Hand reference on the back.

Beetle & Bee Instructions