Spark a Lasting Journey of Discovery.

Take Along Tunes™

Play music and watch the notes light up.

Bendy Ball™

Rattle and roll this flexible ball.

Take Along Discovery Cards™

Soft, crinkly pages show baby’s first pictures and words.

Discover & Play Piano™

Press to play for baby’s own one-person band.

Roller-pillar Activity Balls™

Delightful, rattling and rolling balls.


Caterpillar shaped teether for baby’s itchy gums.

Star Bright Symphony™

Soft, star-shaped light up plush that plays music.

Discovering Music Activity Table™

Press to play for baby’s own one-person band.

Rock, Light & Roll Guitar™

Baby’s a rock star with this light up guitar.


Plush, playful octopus plush that plays music with each press of its tentacles.

Keys to Discover Piano™

Take a long this over-sized piano player.

Baby Neptune Nautical Friends Play Gym™

Adventures under the sea filled with multiple sensory play.