Full STE4M Ahead!

Magnet Science

Study and experiment with magnets and the science behind them.

Kitchen Science

Create multiple science experiments with household items.

Crystal Mining

Excavate, dig, study and display your own crystals.

Catapult Making Kit

Build a miniature working catapult and launch objects as far as 15 feet.

Water Rocket

Build a water-powered rocket and watch it launch high into the sky.

Dragon Robot

Combine science with the fantastic in this dragon robot.

Tin Can Robot

Recycle an old soda can and turn it into a silly robot.

Table Top Robot

Build a crab-like robot and watch it crawl and scamper across the table.

My Body Anatomy

Learn about human anatomy using puzzles showing different systems.

Make a Wind Chime

Paint and put together a musical wind chime with terra cotta pots.

Solar Rover

Learn about converting sunlight into energy and the rover roam.

Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

Grow your own crystals and place them in special display cases.