full STE4M ahead!

Free Printables!

Crazy Robot

This bot is full of crazy surprises! It’ll jump, flip and spin, even flip when it bumps a wall.

AR Wonder Dinosaur DNA

Excavate a glowing T-Rex to collect its DNA. Upload online to bring it to life!

Motorized Robot Hand

Teach kids the wonders of robotics and anatomy with this ultra-cool robotic hand! Make the robotic hand tap out any tune and beat!

Magnet Science

Discover magnetic properties with three interactive games.

Smart Circuits

The little blocks can be turned into more than 10 different smart circuits including an intruder alarm, metal detector and coin card.

STEAM Weather Station

A super-fun, hands-on way to learn about the weather!

My Glitter Bakery Shrink

Design and paint, bake and shrink. Make these baked goods pre-cut shapes into beautiful jewelry, key rings and other fun charms!

Origami Flower Lights

Use origami techniques to turn folded paper into delicate light up flowers.

Amazing Art Spinner

Create fancy patterns with this hand-powered spin art machine.

Hologram Science

Explore 3D hologram technology and bring dinos to life! Project dinos up to 3¾” tall.

Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

Grow your own crystals and place them in special display cases.

Dragon Robot

Combine science with the fantastic in this jaw-dropping dragon robot.