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Free Printables!

Crazy Robot

This bot is full of crazy surprises! It’ll jump, flip and spin, even flip when it bumps a wall.

Spider Robot

Put this spindly spider together and make it scuttle up and down its string.

Fridge Robot

Fridge robot is a moving fridge magnet, defying gravity with each step.

Origami Flower Lights

Use origami techniques to turn folded paper into delicate light up flowers.

Pressed Art Flower Fairy

Turn pressed flowers into fairy fashion with this floral plate kit perfect for any fae.

Survival Science

Explore the science behind outdoor survival including a map, whistle and other tools.

Hologram Science

Explore 3D hologram technology and bring dinos to life! Project dinos up to 3¾” tall.

X-ray Projector

Project 8 different X-rays up to five meters away to learn about the human skeleton.

Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

Grow your own crystals and place them in special display cases.

Catapult Making Kit

Build a miniature working catapult and launch objects as far as 15 feet.

Dragon Robot

Combine science with the fantastic in this jaw-dropping dragon robot.

AR Wonder Dinosaur DNA

Excavate a glowing T-Rex to collect its DNA. Upload online to bring it to life!