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4M has encouraged curious young minds for more than 25 years as a leader in innovative and educational products. As STEM and STEAM concepts are increasingly recognized around the world as essential tools for integrated learning development, 4M toys continue to set trends, bringing new concepts and technologies to the global market. 4M is Imaginative, Creative, Inspiring and most importantly, Fun!

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Pneumatic Robot Arm

Air-powered cardboard robot arm kit that can lift and pick up objects. 5yr+

Paper Circuit Racer

Cardboard kit for 2 electrical circuit cars and racetrack with joystick. 5yr+

Paper Circuit Science

6 cardboard and circuit projects like Morse Code, Door Bell, Buzzwire, Desk Lamp. 5yr+

Drummer Robot

A rhythmic robot with adjustable drumsticks. Use jars and cans as drums. Requires 2 AA batt. 8yr+

Deluxe Knitting & Crochet Kit

A knit and crochet kit that includes tools, yarn and instructions for multiple craft projects. 5yr+

Deluxe Earth Science Kit

Earth STEM activities like volcano making, mining and crystal science. With instructions. 10yr+

Traffic Light

3-color traffic light kit with automatic sensor and circuit controller. Req 2x AAA batts. 5yr+

Magnetic Intruder Alarm

Utilizes magnetic force as a switch to trigger alarm. Requires 2 AA batteries. 5yr+

Flashing Emergency Light

Motorised flashing emergency light kit using electrical circuitry. Req 2x AAA batts. 5yr+

Mould & Paint Animals

A mould and paint kit for 7 wild designs, with molds, paint, magnets and instructions. 5yr+

3D Mould & Paint Dinosaurs

2-piece mold creates two 3D dino sculptures. Includes plaster, mold, paint, and instructions. 5yr+

Light n’ Sound Art Pad

Coloring pad with flashing eyes and sounds includes markers, 14 doodles and 2 blanks for custom art. 5yr+

Magical Unicorn Crystal Growing

Ingredients to grow 4 crystals with 2 unicorn figures and display. 10yr+

Creepy Crawly Digging Kit

Dig and discover glow bug activity with tools and 6 specimen cards. 5yr+

Fairy Jar

Create an enchanting, color-changing night light that features the shadow of a magical fairy inside of it.